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Best Computer Courses

Best Diploma Courses for better job opportunities

Best Diploma Courses for better job opportunities

In the present era, there exists a huge competition among youngsters. For every job available their exist plenty of candidates and each candidate has a better qualification and skills than others. Also, the job opportunities are in the present era are also restrictive. Therefore there is a great need to have a diploma in certain fields along with the degrees. Online Computer Courses and Certificate Courses are great way and option of having better job experience. Also, for a better future, one should definitely have more and better qualifications from others.
Following is the list of various Best Diploma course that is not the only job oriented but also has a great scope in future.
So if you too are struggling with your career then this the right page for you. As we are sharing some of the Best Diploma Courses. The duration of the course varies from 4 weeks to 1 year but all of them are worth it. Also, The below-mentioned courses are Government Approved Courses. these courses are the additional course that can be pursued along with the degree course or even after attaining the degree. The Diploma Certificate is of great help in getting a better job opportunity.


In the present times, the lifestyle lead by us has resulted in the creation of many of the diseases. This included depression, obesity, cancer, etc. There wouldn’t exist even a single household which doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned diseases in the house.
So this is an amazing course that can be pursued which also have a great job opportunity in the present times. The course teaches the student about the ways of disease management and preventive measures. It can be pursued by any candidate with the grads in any field. The duration of this course is 1 year and is offered by DR. BR AMBEDKAR Open university.

Diploma in Pathani Handicraft and modern garments

So this is an ace diploma course who have a great interest in handicraft making. This course has a great scope in the future and is also very interesting to perform. Pathani weaving is taught in this course which is the traditional hallmark of Maharashtra. The aim of this course is to take traditional weaving to next-gen as well. Also, this course can be taken by a 10 pass as well. The only condition for this course is the medium of education which is bilingual Marathi.


It is a short duration that is 3 months diploma course that can be taken over by a graduate or insurance agent. It is offered by Delhi University and Met Life Insurance. This course is a great add on the course which has a great scope in the future. The course can also be performed along with the graduation.

Diplomas in Archives Keeping

It is a highly job oriented course with a duration of 1 year. The course helps the candidate in attaining the Masters of Arts in Archaeology or History. This course helps the individual to get a job as a lecturer, records manager, Public relations officer, librarian, information manager and archivists in fields.

Certification in Finance and Accounts

This course can only be pursued by the graduates. It is offered by NIIT and the duration of this course is 4 weeks. The course provides sound knowledge about basic voice training, business process specialization, fundamental finance, etc.

Diploma in Education Technology

It is a course that can be pursued by candidates who have higher secondary qualifications. The course is of 1-year duration and introduces the students with the multimedia integrations in educational settings. The course is mainly for the candidate who wants to become teachers and is willing to use multimedia in the teaching process.

Bachelor of Tourism Studies

It is the best job oriented diploma offered by Oberoi Group at their hotels. The diploma course is a 3-year duration course which on completion be given BACHELOR OF TOURISM STUDIES FROM IGNOU. Also, the proficiency certificate from Oberoi Group will be awarded.


This is an Instructional Design program which aims at providing the students the theoretical and practical knowledge to the students that are required for design, delivery, and evaluation of courseware. This course is a 1-year duration course which helps assist the student in gaining professional qualification on Instructional design through this course which is offered by Symbiosis Centres for Distant Learning. This course can be pursued by any graduate from a recognized university.

Post Graduate diploma in Chemo- Informatics

This is a great 1-year diploma course for biology or mathematics degree graduates. It is a popular course that helps in attaining great knowledge and skills in this field. This course is offered by MPBOU University and helps in attaining the post of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals. Though the course is of 1-year duration but needs a complete 3 years course to attain masters in this field.

Retail Management Programme

This is an excellent 1 year or 12 months course which can be pursued by a and
Diplomas in Food a d Beverage Service management- this course can be pursued by a candidate with higher education qualification with at least 45% marks. The course is offered bg Maharshi Dayanand University. It is a one-year duration course and helps the candidate in attaining training and food and beverages services, related equipment along with practical training on food services methods, etc.

Bachelor in cooperative management

This is a 3-year duration course offered by YCMOU university for the candidate with the 12th class qualifications. The aim of this course is to provide a career in co-operative society in the country.


This is one of the best diploma course offered in computers which gives in-depth knowledge of the subjects and also gives a detailed study of the tools used in computer applications. It is a 1-year duration course.

Diploma in Teaching English

It is the most preferred course. The course can be pursued by higher secondary qualifications candidate with at least 50% marks in the English language. It is a course which is offered by the Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. The course is of 1 year of duration. Also, for this course, the candidate must have attained 16 years of age. The aim of this course is to provide the candidate a proficiency to teach the English language to the students in an effective manner.


The diploma courses are mainly pursued with the aim of getting a better job profile and also to have in-depth knowledge. Also, before choosing a course you should opt for Government Certifications course because such courses offer a better scope of jobs to a candidate. Government Approved Courses holds better value than the rest of the courses.
Diploma courses offer value to your knowledge. They are usually for a short span of time and not very expensive. It increases your value and also offer a better job opportunity. So, therefore, always prefer diploma along with the degree.

7 Best Online Computer Courses for Beginners

7 Best Online Computer Courses for Beginners

Everyone of us is a basic learner and we know that nobody learns things from born. We learn things when we born in the world. Learning every new thing require practice. So, in the same way, if you are the new computer user and looking for the way to learn the basics of the computer then you should learn these 7 best online computer courses, that are helpful and fruitful to you.


Does question always bother why learn online?

We should learn online because it saves your time and money. We know that you can spend money it would be earned but what about time. Once it is gone it never comes back. Still, there are plenty of reason that you should not learn offline, some of them are

If you learn offline, you need to go at the center to learn the skill and the time you get from them is only 1 hour alternatively, and the rest 3 days you have to learn theory (that actually seems quite boring while learning computer courses). Yeah, I understand the theory should be taught but not maximum days. Rather, studying theory you can do practical of the exercise or the topic.

Travelling Problem for Girls Especially

It is okay with boys if they go and learn offline, but for the girls, it becomes tension for their parents. Because, they know that many problems like eve-teasing, etc happen and therefore, they do not want to send their daughter to the place which is far from the home. Therefore, Acme Collins School comes up with the option of providing online courses. Now, Girls can learn at the comfort of their home. Acme Collins School has many short terms and long-term courses with the certificate of completion.

Some Free Online Courses with Certificates

There is the option of having free online courses with certificates. What a student has to do is just need to visit a website named Acme Collins School and need to fill a Financial Aid Application form from the footer section. This Application Form will take 15 days to review the application and will be revert with a genuine reply to user’s Email. If one receives the confirmation of accessing the free course in which you have enrolled, would be displayed on your student dashboard after receiving the login credentials.

Some Best Online Computer Courses

There are many online courses but it is impossible to explore all of them. So, here I am listing some of the best online computer courses with certificate and diploma.

Best Online Certificate Courses

Basic Computer Course (BCC) – 3 Months short term computer course which helps students to learn the basics of computer and its related application like MS Office, Computer Fundamental and Internet.

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Certificate in Computer Hardware (CCH) – Digital technology and computers have made its presence felt in almost every sphere of life and Indians should not lack in such a superior concept. Therefore, at Acme Collins, CCH training online is scheduled and our subject experts provide world-class computer hardware training which covers a range of important points as the syllabus contains the latest concepts.

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Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) – DCA or simply put Diploma in Computer Application is the easiest way before high school pass students to secure that premium IT skill which is high in demand in the job market across India. Although, one has to do a long stretched degree programs to get trained and certified in computing, such as BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications), BE (Bachelor of Electricals), MCA (Master of Computer Applications, B Tech (Bachelor of Technology), M Tech (Master Of Technology) and so forth, but then we also have DCA course (Diploma in Computer Applications) by which one can build a massive skill set which is properly certified and is widely accepted in the job market all across India. Readmore

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Diploma in Computer Hardware (DCH) – Computers make their presence felt in almost every field nowadays and such a scene clearly makes computers as one of the most preferred career options before youngsters. In other words, for checking the menace of unemployment, computer hardware skills can easily make one land on a supreme job. At our widely acclaimed online training institution, we administer DCH (Diploma in Computer Hardware)where we provide quality teaching and training as per the updated syllabus and in a range of topics which enable youth find suitable jobs in various industries. Read More

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Certificate in Computer Application (CCA) – Computers and its related applications have been widely in use in the present digital age and there is a rising demand for efficient and learned computer professionals, across all areas. However, in India, students and their families are seen worried about their bright future and a sophisticated career, especially in Computer Science. CCA or The Certificate in Computer Applications is a great way to get oneself equipped with outstanding computing skills which are fully certified, the government approved and is a typical course designed to make youngsters a job ready person. At our Acme Collins School computer centre, which is a registered entity providing online computer courses to youngsters from across India, we offer online training of CCA course. Read More

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Master Diploma in Computer Application (MDCA) – Master Diploma In Computer Information and System Management shortened as MDCA and it is a Long term course which Includes easy and advanced learning Technique with the help of new technology Additionally, Students learn computer through practical classes which create an advanced learning environment to them and through it, students can retain more of computer Knowledge and its application in their mind for a long time. which they can not get from theoretical classes. Thereby, Our Motive is to make Education and Computer Education easier than easy. so as every person becomes educated in the field of Computer Education. the course is categorized into six semesters which are mentioned below. Read More

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Financial Accounting Course (FAC) –

Building a career in the field of accountancy is not an easy task. It is not because the accountancy subject is very tough rather it is an easy and straight forward subject but the accountancy in itself is vast and to select a field in it is not an easy task. A business firm is made by and in figures. And those who have the capability to understand and interpret these figures, have a successful career in this field.

So, ACME COLLINS SCHOOL has done detailed research and have come up with an amazing course that can be pursued by every student who has a deep interest in the subject. It gives detailed information on the subject. Read More

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If you have any query or issue while buying a course. Please, Watch a video here at

Thank You!

Financial Accounting Courses

Financial Accounting Courses and its Syllabus

It is not easy to decide the career option that will determine the rest of your life for you, especially at the tender age of 16 or 17 years. Sometimes even parents often feel confused about the right advice to give. The confusion that a student faces is enormous and varied in its nature.

Doing your broad research ahead of time can spare you a ton of enthusiastic anguish or sorrow later on. Now the first question that comes to each student’s mind is which course should be chosen? While students are advised to choose courses depending on individual talents and interests, the Acme Collins School has gathered extensive details.

Fundamentals of Accounting Courses: What is it about?

This part of the accounting fundamentals course will guide you through the accounting process. Several important concepts will be studied in detail, including revenue recognition, inventory, long-term assets, present value, and long-term liabilities.

We explore the design of the balance sheet, the statement of income and the statement of cash flow; and demonstrate how to prepare financial statements from scratch. This financial accounting course is an essential element for the realization of financial models and other types of financial analysis.

Financial Accounting Course Syllabus

In the course, students learn how to analyze company financial statements and disclosures to determine how certain company accounting choices reflect the company’s underlying economy. As a result, the course strengthens the ability of students to use financial statements as part of the overall strategy assessment and company valuation.

The course is especially useful for anyone interested in working on the buying or selling side. The course provides both a framework and the tools necessary to analyze the financial statements. At the applied level, it accentuates that preparers and clients of fiscal summaries that have different objectives and incentives.

At the same time, courses are applied and emphasize the use of actual financial statements. For example, students learn how to detect when a company manages income and /or balance sheets. This is very interesting in real business problems and uses cases to describe the application of techniques and tools.

Financial Accounting Course Details

The financial accounting course includes various concepts such as:

  • Basic Accounting concepts
  • Accounting information
  • Accounting issues
  • Balance day adjustments
  • Budgeting
  • Control for debtors and creditors
  • Historical cash flow statement
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Risk in business
  • Stock recording and valuation assessment

Financial Accounting Course

Ace the specialized abilities expected to break down fiscal reports and exposures for use in budgetary examination, and figure out how bookkeeping gauges and administrative motivating forces impact the money related detailing process.


Week 1: Introduction and Balance Sheet

We will discuss balance sheet equations and define/discuss Asset, Obligations, and Shareholder Equities.

Week 2: Accrual Accounting and the Income Statement

We will cover the adjustment entries, which are necessary to prepare our internal books for the next financial statements.

Week 3: Cash Flows

We will work on preparing and analyzing the Cash Flow Statement. We will resolve this case with a new company by preparing and analyzing its Cash Flow Statement.

Week 4: Ratio Analysis and Final Exam

We will conduct a final exam after the course.

The only thing left to do after this exam is to impress your family, friends, and relatives with your vast knowledge of financial accounting!

Online Financial Accounting Course

Accounts Executive (3 Months)

  • Module I: Basics of Accounting
  • Module II: Tally ERP 9
  • Module III: Concept of Taxation & E-Filing
  • Eligibility: Class – XII Level and Above

Accounts Manager (6 Months)

  • Module I: I.T Fundamentals & MS-Office
  • Module II: Basics of Accounting
  • Module III: Tally ERP 9
  • Module IV: Concept of Taxation & E-Filing
  • Eligibility: Class – XII Level and Above

Professional Accountants (6 Months)

  • Module I: Advanced Excel
  • Module II: Basic of Accounting
  • Module III: TALLY ERP 9
  • Module IV: Concept of Taxation & E-Filing With Gst
  • Eligibility: Graduation and Knowledge of basic MS Office and Tally needed.

Accounting Courses

Start Your Accounting Career Today!

If you want to supplement your education with additional accounting knowledge, but cannot attend campus classes for work or personal reasons, maybe you should consider taking an online course. An online course will give you the freedom not to make significant changes in your daily life while giving you high-quality education. Additional knowledge about accounting will also give you new career opportunities.

For online courses, the study process is activated through the Internet, webcast, email and various audio and video programs. In online accounting courses, you will learn about accounting, taxes, finance, business and much more.

Take a look at Acme Collins School accounting courses offered around the world, check the additional information and find the course that best suits your needs and expectations.

Professional Courses in Finance and Accounting

  • Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Management Accounting and Control
  • Business Taxation
  • Business and Corporate Law

List of Accounting Courses

  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting And Reporting
  • Advanced Financial Accounting And Reporting
  • Cost/Managerial Accounting
  • Accounting Systems
  • Auditing, Attestation, and Assurance
  • Income Tax For Individuals
  • Income Tax for Corporations
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Accounting Theory And Research
  • Accounting Internship

Online Accounting Courses

  • Course 1: Business Accounting
  • Course 2: Accounts Expert
  • Course 3: Tax Expert
  • Course 4: Accounts and Tax Expert
basic computer course

What is the best computer courses for teaching

Best Computer Courses For Teaching

Generally, there are many computer courses which are best to learn for teaching. But, If We talked about Basic Computer Course, which is a very basic course to learn and use it for teaching, to acquire small skills of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Internet become easy, you just need to access an online website and you will have skills in computer course which you can use for teaching.

What Topic you learn in Basic Computer Course

First, you will learn the fundamental of computer, which includes uses of the mouse, uses of the keyboard, what is Monitor and Difference Between the First generation of computer & Present generation of computer.

Basic Computer Course Application Software

MS Word – In this application, you will learn to create a resume, book cover page, form creation etc.

MS Excel – In this application, you will learn here to create Academic Result, Uses of Formulae, Uses of Sort & Filter etc.

MS PowerPoint – In this application, you will learn, how to create a presentation using PowerPoint Application.

There are other courses list too, which are also helpful for those who want to use them for teaching. see here

Online Degree Program

How To Do Regular Degree and Diploma Together

This question always bother to students that “Can I Do regular degree and diploma together?”. Here, You will find the complete answer of getting a degree and diploma together.

Firstly, For diploma, you should have completed 10th from a recognized board or from private board and in the same manner for degree, you should have completed 12th or  +2 from recognized board or from private board.

If you have completed +2 then their is no need to pursue diploma, go for degree. And if you have not completed +2, then you cannot persue B.Tech and other similar degree program (in this case you need to have diploma).

Now answering you question, you can do both at the same time if you have completed +2. but you have to persue one of the courses as correspondence, Because, You cannot do both courses on regular basis, (Generally, who care about attendence “No one”). If you are planning to persue both courses as regular than it will be difficult for you as you have to miss lectures of one course to attend the lecture for another. So just focus on one.

If you want to do both regular diploma and degree, then you should find a private diploma college which can allow you just give exams (no need of attendence) and join degree as full time course as by preparing for btech exams you can clear diploma exams also.

With the qualification, your knowledge does matter. By following this process you can get two degrees but you can’t get excessive knowledge which is required for job. So choose wisely.

Find Degree Program and Diploma Courses at Acme Collins School