5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Skill Set

Do you think the skill set that you have right now isn’t enough for you to get to the top??

Is there a feeling that you are lagging behind the younger generation’s skills that they have but you don’t??

Do you feel like you need some extra skills to beat your competitors in your field??

Did you ever feel like the skills you have now aren’t enough to make you a cut above the rest??

Well, if you’re having such thoughts then it’s a sign that you are not ready to give up yet!! That you are still hungry for success. But that determination will be wasted if you don’t do it properly.

Don’t worry allow me to guide you through it these 5 very easy steps.

1. Identify the Skills You Require

Identify Your skills, Increase your skill set

This is a very important step. You should know the skills you need, require – not skills that wouldn’t help in any shape or form.

For example, if you are in the mechanical engineering field then you would require skills like 3D designing, Machine Learning, etc. Not skills like learning how to play the flute. If you can play the flute, very good! That, at the end of the day, becomes a party trick, not something that would get you a step closer towards your promotion/dream job. This is a first step that will help you to increase your skill set

Therefore, before jumping to conclusions about skills you must get, identify the skills that’ll guarantee you that promotion/job.

2. Talk It Out

Talk with your colleagues, peers, and mentors about the skill you are trying to develop. Sometimes you can expect the greatest piece of advice from the most unexpected people.

Your colleagues and peers will definitely tell you about your weaknesses, and some might even tell you about your strengths.

Your mentor will help you find your strength or your weakness and might suggest a solution for them as well.

Doing this will help you identify what skills you should develop and what skills you want to strengthen.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important because that’s what will transform you into a better working professional. Since only then can you guide a conversation/project towards your strength.

3. Enroll in Online Courses

Once you identify the skills you need in your line of work, you should start by trying to acquire those skills. This can be done by enrolling yourself in online courses. These not only help you gain skills, but you can do it in your own time.

You can attend your college in the morning and do the course in the evening. Since these are already prerecorded, you can manipulate your schedule accordingly. The online courses also test you to gauge your progress.

These online courses will become a vital step in your quest for new skills since they are readily available. The site also keeps up with the latest trends in that particular course.

4. Stay Motivated

Staying motivated has always been a problem for everyone. Reward yourself something during the course so that it keeps you going.

Even though the reward at the end is the extra skill to your name along with that elusive extra zero in your salary. Learn a trick to keep the motivation from leaving you.

The heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury kept himself motivated during the training for his championship title fight by doing the ‘Whoop Whoop’ technique.

In this, he said that he would ‘Whoop Whoop’ 3 times and it would lighten his mood up. When a heavyweight boxing champion can feel down or demotivate, so can you – but he didn’t give up instead he found himself a technique to keep his morale up.

Do something similar and maybe it becomes your thing and then you might never feel to find yourself some kind of motivation.

5. Get the Certificate.

You can’t satisfy your employer by saying that you have a certain skill – as that will just be lip service for them.

You need a document to prove that you do have that skill. And a certificate is THAT document. It’ll be so much better and easier to show your employer digital or physical proof that shows you have acquired the skill indeed. Last Step to increase your skill set.

With these 5 simple steps and the right motivation, you can definitely Increase your skill set.

Good luck!!