5 Steps for Starting a Career in Science

How did you come across science career? Was it through a book? A TV show? A movie?

Or was it because of your parents? Or a person’s charm that attracted you to this field?

It doesn’t matter how you started loving science as long as you have fallen in love with it. But let me tell you from experience that – for this relationship to work, you must be ready to work hard and be ready to take some risks.

Don’t worry too much, allow me to ease you into this discipline with these 5 steps.

Career in Science

1.Know what you love!

Remember what the elders always said – always know what you love in a person or the work because that will make you forget about what you dislike in the person/work.

There are three main branches in science – physics, chemistry, and biology. You need to read their respective books to know which one you like since it’ll a very vital step towards your future – should you choose to continue taking science as your career path. Spend quality time making the decision because you do not want to spend years and years of hard work just to hate it in the end, because that’ll make you miserable beyond belief. So, choose wisely.

2.Become a Sponge!

A sponge absorbs every bit of water it is soaked in; just like that you too must learn to absorb every single thing. And I mean – EVERY SINGLE THING, be it a book, a lecture, or even a conversation you happen to hear while walking down the corridor of your college.

The more information you retain, the better.

I remember in the first year of my engineering we were taught how to select the length and diameter parameters on the lathe machine, it was the most basic thing to learn then and also very important. And my classmate forgot how to do it in the second year of engineering – YOU CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Just like in sports, you must remember every basic information down to the last dot. The industry you might be working in doesn’t allow its employees to make mistakes on a basic level.

Therefore, get all the basic and non-basic information engraved in your brain.

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3.Your Profile

To move forward and bring in money in exchange for doing what you enjoy, you must build your profile to get your dream job easily. After all, the ultimate reason for doing science is to make money.

For building your profile, you should start by applying for internships in the industry you will be working in – potentially. With this, you can get a feel for the work in the industry and make important connections with people who can recommend you and have you ease your way into a successful career. These connections are very important since they help with meeting other working professionals in your line of work, and you can always learn from someone’s success and mistakes.

With this, you gain valuable experience in the industry AND you have boosted your profile.

4.Masters and PhD

Sadly, the competition has increased tremendously in all the fields of science. Therefore, you should be ready to put in the extra time and effort in doing the master’s or a PhD. in the field of study that you’ve chosen for yourself.

Yes, it will take you more time to start working and yes, you will have to spend at least 2 more years writing exams and doing projects; but – is it worth it?? Absolutely!!

No employer would scoff at you for trying to learn more about your field and perfecting your craft; rather, they encourage all the bachelor’s graduates to do so – because they prefer professionals with more knowledge and experience.

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You have fallen in love with science and have worked incredibly hard in perfecting your skill set in this field. All that is left for you to do is that you should start manifesting the success you imagined into the real world for you 😊.

I hope these 5 steps helped you decide on how to go about with your science career.

Remember, this won’t be an easy task to accomplish you have to learn to not give up and – trust the process.

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