Best Basic Computer Courses in India

As you all know the computer has become our lifeline now from facebook to google, Amazon to Flipkart, online banking & ticket booking everything is computerized now. Acme Collins School’s Basic Computer course is a certificate training program in which you learn the best way of using the computer. Ours specialize Online Learning Platforms and faculties, project-based training methods make us the best basic computer courses in India. That course will give you proper knowledge of complete ms-office 2013 application software package as well as you will know about require detail of computer hardware, you will learn how to use internet securely for E-Mailing, booking, banking.


You may be a student or business man or housewife that course is for all who want to enhance its computer knowledge. In our Basic Computer Course We provide Online Training with full of attention which make you understand computer concept more easily.

For Us You are – A student who wants to learn computer which have no computer background.

Course Duration – 2 – 3 Months

Class Mode – Online & Offline for those who are nearby institute location.After Course Completion – After completing this Basic Computer Course you will know all basic uses of computer and now you are ready to move for your specialization.

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