Best Course after B. Com with Computer Applications

In today’s Era, where the person with 99% is not able to meet the cut-offs, where toppers got 100 percentiles in NEET, JEE. Our youths are in continuous dilemma regarding about the course they should opt to get a good job and a settle life.

B. Com with Computer Application

A large no. of students specifically from commerce stream used to go for B. Com in their graduation. As we
all are living in the era of computer and technology, Youths are more inclined towards Computer Application programs. Because of this a large no. of students done their graduation in B. Com with Computer Application.

B. Com Computer Application, Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application is a 3-year undergraduate
course. It allows students to implement their knowledge of Computer in the fields related to commerce.
Dilemma of Every Graduate After successfully completing the graduation, what should be our next new path? Answer to this question is to choose a post-graduate course which is job oriented.

The one who gathers a lot of knowledge about the field of Commerce and Computer Application in their
graduation, who know how to use technology in the Commerce Industry has a vast list of Options to choose
which make youths to think over the questions like what path should they choose, which path is most job oriented and which path will be fruitful for them?

Master’s in Business Administration The Course which has the largest scope and one of the most popular master’s course among graduates is Master of Business Administration, MBA. MBA is basically a course which taught you how to manage all aspects of a business. For the B. Com in Computer Application Graduates, MBA become the most fruitful course. As living in the Era of technology , the MBA student who know all about Computer Applications, one who know how to use Applications to enhance the productivity is surely the preference of every large company as compared to those who don’t know anything about Computer application.

Scopes in MBA

If you see in the surroundings, you came to know that most of the employees in big companies like Amazon,
JP Morgan, Microsoft, Bank of America are those who were the students of MBA and has depth knowledge of
Computer Application. There are a lot of examples of Iconic personalities with MBA degree that are doing
great in their life.

1. Carl Douglas McMillon – CEO of Walmart Inc.
2.Darren W. Woods – CEO of ExxonMobil
3. Satya Nadella – CEO of Microsoft

These are only three Examples but there is enormous no. of examples of legends with MBA degree. MBA
helps the one to enhance his power of vision and execution.

Eligibility and Colleges in India

Eligibility to pursue MBA is as simple as that you should be graduate with a valid score in CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT or any other relevant test. MBA is a 2-year course. There are approximately 5,000 MBA colleges in India. On a rough scale the fees of 94% of these colleges is not more than Rs 10 lakhs and only rest 6% of these college have fees more than Rs. 10 lakhs. The top government college for MBA in India is Indian Institute of Management (IIM) , Ahmedabad and the top Private college for MBA in India is Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur.

Salary Offered to an MBA graduate

Next thought that stuck in the mind of youths is that of salary. The salary of an MBA graduate depends upon
the MBA Specialization chosen by the candidate like Financing, Marketing, General Management and Entrepreneurship. One can choose specialization according to his/her Interest. These all fields require
the candidates that can carry out their work with the use of latest technology and computer Application.

MBA in Information Technology

One more specialization which is the most suited and fruitful for the graduates of BCom in Computer
Application is MBA Information Technology . Students who go for specialization in Information Technology
are structured to train to effectively handle planning, design, selection, Implementation, use and
management of current and parallel information and communication technologies. This Sector is going to
become a basic need of each and every company in coming future and hence students with IT specialization going to rock. If we put the light on the average salary of MBA students with specialization in information technology then it ranges from Rs 8,81,633 to Rs 12,44,457.

Working place for an MBA

The Popular Cities offering the best job after MBA are:

1.Gurugram, Haryana
2. Bangalore, Karnataka
4. Pune, Maharashtra
5.Mumbai, Maharashtra
6. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Even in MBA, again those with Specialization in Information Technology or those who were the students of Computer Application have more benefit in these cities as these all cities of India are know for their IT hubs and their technological advancement.


Graduates of in Computer Application has enormous no. of courses with a vast amount of Scope.
The one which proves to be best for them is MBA with specialty in Information Technology as this is the field
which will grow with time and remain the need of globalize world

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