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Computer teachers demand jobs

Posted on 25th Apr 2018 15:08:21 in Education News, Newspaper

A Protester said  that we are treated as school coordinators, though they have been working for more than 14 years as computer teacher in different projects under the government.

The teacher, who are standing in front of assembly suffered sun strokes and admitted to the hospitals and around 8000 teacher who are working in the different schools they did not receive their salaries for the past seven to eight months.

There is teacher named Parikhita Nayak , who is qualified teacher with an MCA degree said that she had been working as a teacher in the laxminarayanpur High School.

She also said that she prepared salaries of school teachers who had got Rs.70,000 a month. but i am yet to get my monthly salary of around Rs.6,000 a month.


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