What is Database Architecture

An architectural program that uses programming languages to design websites and other software for business and for organizations. Database architecture looks at the design, software, and other tools implementing the computer programs. It maintenance the computer program. It stores information, data of businesses, agencies, and other highly recommended institutions. Database architecture focuses on software to meet the requirements of the users. The database always depends on the architecture. The architecture can be central, decentralized, or even hierarchical. There are tiers that classify the database. It is basically a collection of information. So, it can be easily accessible. It can also be managed and updated. A computer system usually controls the database. The database is electronically accessible. Database management system ( DBMS ). The security, management, control, and even backup is all responsibility of an individual.

Components of database

There are five important components of the database:


Hardware is the physical computer equipment that offers support to the computer.


A group of programs to manage and control the database. It includes a software system, network. It is really used to share and work in different sectors of programming.


This is the raw information and details about everything you want to know about. So, data means the storage of a lot of information in a system. Moreover, data can be anything, it can be statistics, detailed information. In fact, data is more like information really important for organizations.

Accessing language

So, the language is the most important aspect of the database. With language, you can command, update and make programs as you wish. Building web pages and other programs require language. Then, you can easily draft anything you want. Utilize the language and create new programs.


So, always use the instructions in database management. Without instruction, you may do wrong commands. Then, set up all the settings and generate reports.

Three-tier architecture

So, the three-tier architecture which separates applications into three different groups. Logical, physical, and all the computer tiers. So, let us understand what do you mean by three-tier architecture?

Three-tier architecture is an established software application for organizations. The logical and physical tier is the presentation or interface program. The application tier is where your data is processed. Then, the associate data is processed and stored in an application course. In fact, the three-tier has its own infrastructure. It is a developing system with different teams. Let’s discuss the three tiers in detail.

Presentation tier

So, the presentation tier is useful for communication and interface applications. The user always interfaces with the applications. Then, this information is collected and put into the web pages to display. Web page is usually useful with HTML, JAVA, etc.

Application tier

It is the logical or physical tier of the program. The application tier is the heart of the process. So, the application collects information and presents it to the presentation tier. Applying a set of rules in the business format. You will be able to modify the data. Improve your skills. So, in the application python, java, the script is very useful.


So, the database tier is basically for backup. It manages the storage and application. Then, all the communication goes through one portal. The presentation and database can not communicate altogether.

There are different levels for database architecture. So, there are three levels of database architecture. Let us discuss the three of them in detail.

The three levels of DBMS

So, there are three levels of database architecture. The database is modern and the basic is also modern. The three levels are physical, conceptual level, and external level. Let us know about them in detail.

Physical level

So, the lower level of the database system. The lowest of all the three architectural systems. In fact, it is also known as the internal level. This data, tells you about how the information is stored. The data will collect and all the information collected will be stored at this level. Then it lets you know about the storage. The external drive keeps the information. The physical level also knows the information about compression and other encrypting techniques.

Conceptual level

So, this level is the higher level of physical level. The logical level describes how the database shows conceptually. It describes the various relationships between data and variables. The conceptual level can store its data anywhere, it does not need any specialized place for storage.

External level

So, this is the highest of all the other levels. View level shows all the data and information present in the system. Everyone can see the information and see what is all hidden in the files. You can see all the views of the files and sharing files. The external and other levels don’t show all the files. This level makes you see all the views and helps to see all the files.

So, basically, database architecture helps you design web pages. Also helps you command and implement things. All of the above, database depends on your architectural view and design. You need to learn and understand all the language. Learn coding, programming, and learn to use tools.