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Every Child will be a Programmer

Posted on 25th Apr 2018 15:36:13 in Education News, Newspaper

Acme Collins School is looking into new ways of educating children in computer technology in the field of computer programming. As we know that most children are familiar with computers and tablets and smartphones and play games on them. Some of those have gone beyond and even are able to create games and apps. There are many children who have created games and apps, but I want to tell you about one of them, there is a 10 year old from Australia, has created six to seven apps and became the youngest fan at Apple’s Worldwide Developers conference last year.

Therefore, some companies are now trying to cultivate such ability in every child. Acme Collins School is providing such computer programming knowledge. It includes a series of applications of teaching coding and some other application to the children. So if student finish the course from our institute that will called a Programmer.


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