Free Computer Courses Online with Certificates in India

Are you searching in Google for Free Computer courses online with certificates in India? If yes, then you are on the right blog. Finding free online computer courses is complex. But there are many IT companies and NGOs that provide free online courses with certificates. Some of them will discuss in this blog. As well as free online courses with certificates help you to make your CV look better and helps you to get a good job too.

free computer courses online

After the growth of the internet, there are many opportunities for those students who are unable to get paid education. If you have a computer or mobile then you can easily get access to the professional course that will help you to get a well-paid job. Therefore, I have made the best online courses list with deep research. So, here is the list of the top 7 websites that provide free online computer courses with certificates in India.

Top 7 free and quality course provider:

1.HubSpot Academy

2.Google Digital Unlocked

3.Udemy free courses

4.E-skill India




Note:- Acme Collins School is a platform which provides online courses with govt certification, and it is the best choice for everyone who is looking for free online computer courses with certificates in India. But that can be paid for you. Click on “Acme Collins School” to know more.

HubSpot Academy:

How HubSpot Academy used Hotjar Polls to boost signups by 10%


Do you know about HubSpot Academy? HubSpot Academy is a learning centre for those who want to be specialized in Marketing. But also in Advertising, Designing, and Writing with an excellent strategy. It offers many certifications and courses free for everyone. Moreover, it helps individuals and startups to grow their market reach and earning potential.

If you are looking for an online certificate course for valuable information about digital marketing. In fact, you will get helpful resources then you can reach out here. There are many free certification courses. For example Content Marketing, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, and so on. The short description of my personal favourite course 

  • Content Marketing:

Content is one of the best tools to drive organic traffic to the website and helps in building trust with customers. In this course, you will learn all the skill that is important for building and also advertising blogs to generate lead. So, This course is for each candidate who wants to learn and enhance content marketing skills with given resources. In fact, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Key highlights of this course

  • To generate Idea and research for the blog
  • Start a lead driven blog
  • Telling stories with the help of blogs
  • promoting content or blog
  • Creating short-term and long term content strategies,
  • structure for different kind of blogs
  • Promoting content and
  • Analyzing and purposing content

Duration: 16 Hours

Price: Free for everyone

Certification: Yes

  • Social Media Marketing:

If you know how to do social media marketing then you can earn as much you want. So, this course can help you to understand the know-how of social media marketing. In this specialization, you will learn about how to create a beautiful and attention-grabbing post. Also, creating social media strategy, and more. Moreover, you will understand, as a marketer on which task you should focus more on.

Thus, this course is for the beginner level student who wants to learn the know-how of social media marketing with basic concepts. The growth of social media channels like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has changed the businesses’ marketing strategy a lot. After this certification, you can go to the corporate world to learn and earn more.

Key features

  • Fundamentals of social media marketing
  • Benefits and objectives
  • Creating a strategy and
  • Some other important resource for marketing

Duration: more than 5 hours

Price: Free

Certification: Yes

Google Digital Unlocked:

Google Digital Unlocked


This platform is built with the collaboration of the Indian School of Business & Google. So that to provide essentials of digital marketing and many IT skills too. On this platform, you will discover important concepts of the digital marketing course.

Besides this, you will discover everything that you need to know to run a successful business online. In fact, this platform is created to help those who are running their new start-ups, small business, professionals, and students.

 You will start with the followings:

  • how to create an online presence for the business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimizing website and content
  • Increasing Sales
  • Social media marketing
  • customer persona and
  • Navigation and essentials elements of websites.

Duration: 40 Hours

Price: Free

Certification: Yes

Udemy free courses

20+ Free Udemy Online Courses to become a Web Developer in 2021 | by javinpaul | Javarevisited | Medium


Udemy is one of the popular online learning places for learners and professionals. On this platform, you can find many learning skills with a certificate where some of them are free and also some are paid. In this blog, we are discussing free courses. In this learning website, you can learn from web development to design and marketing.

There are many free courses which are really good and informative for both the beginner and a professional. There is no doubt that this is one of the best websites to learn any skill to boost career level. But there is a drawback when it comes to trustworthiness because this has scored only 2.8 out of 5. So, you have to select the course wisely with seeing good reviews, therefore, you can get good information.

Some of the popular course categories are

Business: In this category, you have many courses for management, sales, finance. And also for data & analytics, communication, human resources, etc.

Development: If you want to be developers and want to learn programming languages. For example C#, Java, Python, and web development, mobile apps, e-commerce, game development, and more.

Design: If you are looking for a graphic design course online then you may go for Udemy online courses for graphic design. So, some of them are web design, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, and more.

Marketing: Here the marketing courses are available. As like branding, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, marketing fundamentals, etc.

E-skill India

eSkillIndia- eLearning Aggregator from NSDC

Link: is a free online learning platform that is running with the help of the central government. The main goal of this online platform is to help each student skilled professional. Here you can find many courses from data entry, beauty, AI, cloud computing, and graphic design courses.

This website is collaborated with Microsoft to help Indian students in learning computer and handcraft skills. There are many courses available on the portal. So, here are some popular types of courses provided on E-skill India are listed below.

Some popular categories with free online computer courses with certificates in India.

Beauty: Here you will find a course regarding beauty parlour, beauty therapist, soap making, and more.

Apparel: In this category, there are courses about fabric painting, self-employed tailor.

Gem & Jewelry: Here you can find the Artificial Jewelry course to learn about how to create artificial jewellery and more.

You can find here computer courses also, in this program you can learn about data entry and virtual assistant work and also the basics of computer.

Duration:  As per the course

Price: Free

Certification: Yes


freeCodeCamp Certification Experience And Guide - DEV Community


If you want to learn coding or programming language for free and with a certificate then you may have listened about FreeCodeCamp. As it offers a free coding course that is a certificate course. The NGO free Code Camp help you to solve your problem by providing an online coding and programming course.

It provides various programs including JavaScript, Python, and HTML. The goal of this website is to help a student for getting a job by providing online videos to that candidate. As a result, you will get all the knowledge free of cost you need to study thoughtfully.

Key features of this website

  1. Absolutely free for every one
  2. Quality content
  3. One of the best programming program offered

Some popular courses by FreeCodeCamp

  • Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification (300 hours)
  • Front End Libraries Certification (300 hours)
  • Data Visualization Certification (300 hours)
  • APIs and Microservices Certification (300 hours) and
  • Quality Assurance Certification (300 hours)

Duration: 300 Hours (mostly courses)

Price: Free

Certification: Yes


Coursera Free Courses with Free Certificates till 2021 | 80+ Courses


Coursera also provides free courses with the help of leading universities. At this platform, you can easily understand how to learn and complete the task. Also here you can find free courses to learn what you want to learn. There are many courses offered by leading universities like Yale, Stanford, New York University, Google, and IBM.

But there is a drawback for you you might have to pay for a certificate if you want. If you do so then It is okay because you are investing in your career and future. This will help you to generate more than you have spent on the course.

 Some major courses are

  • English learning for entrepreneurship
  • Google IT Support
  • IBM Data Analyst
  • Introduction to computer science
  • Cloud Engineering with google cloud

Duration: depends on the course you choose

Price: Free (but can be paid as well)

Certification: Yes



Alison is a renowned course providing organization when it comes to language and workplace skills. There are many categories related to the business perspective. Such as IT, Language learning, programming, and more. After completion of the course that you have selected in Alison, you will get a certificate for that as well. Also, some professionals will explain to you sweetly. Some major courses on Alison are personality development, public speaking, health, OS, and marketing.

Some popular course categories

  • IT: This category involves courses regarding networking like a diploma in networking, python, CRM, and ms word.
  • Language: In the language category, there are many foreign languages speaking courses. For example English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, and Japanese.
  • Health: Here you will find many courses for health and nutrition like a diploma in human nutrition and a diploma in physical therapy aide.
  • Business: If you are finding courses for human resources, operations, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, etc. then you should look out here.
  • Marketing: In the marketing category, there are many courses related to this field only. For example diploma in social media strategy, copy-writing course, marketing management, etc.

Duration: depends on the course you choose

Price: Free

Certification: Can be paid


So, Free courses may have a few pros and cons. For example, non-updated study material, no certificate, not detailed information will be provided. So, we have created this list to provide you with healthy information.

All the above-mentioned courses are free of cost to learn, but also there are paid courses. So, if you are a beginner and want to gain such skill then you are advised to go for a free course.

You should also take a free online course if you cannot afford a paid course. But if you can afford and want to get a leading university certificate then you should go for Acme Collins School. It is because, free courses may have few limitations like non-updated material, no certificate, not detailed information, etc.

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