Generative Grammar in English

Generative Grammar – It is the theory of language proposed by Chomsky in his Syntactic Structures 1957. It provides a set of finite rules that defines the unlimited number of sentences of the language and associates each with an appropriate grammatical description. Generative Grammar in English is the Theory of language.

Generative Grammar

Principal goals

There are two principal goals which underline this theory. These are:

The universal features i.e. features which are intrinsic to language as a whole, which constitute grammars of individual language should be characterised in formal terms.

Formal statements should be provided for characterising the grammars of individual languages. This goal is equated with characterising the tacit knowledge or competence which native speakers have about syntactic, phonological, morphological and semantic patterning in their language. Generative grammar sees the theory of competence as forming a central component of language which interacts with principles from cognition. neurology, physiology and other domains to give language its overall character.


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