What is life after 12th?

Students face many changes in their social and professional life. They are a head filled of responsibilities after completing their 12th. In the last couple of years due the global pandemic the changes have only become more difficult.

Problems Faced So Far:-

One of the major differences that the pandemic has made in the past couple of years has to be on decision making . Most children had no idea about the way their exams will happen. Further, would they happen or not, affected their mental health. Many suffered from anxiety and even depression.

And after the announcement of exams households filled with an air of tension. Another big problem was the college admission, and similar questions aroused. Whether there will be an entrance exam and if yes then will they happen offline and so on. Then comes the pressure of getting into a good and respectable institute . and rightfully so because the process of getting in an institute is very hard.

What Next?

Once this college admission phase passes. The wait is over. The tension is over. The next step involves a lot of entrance exams and preparation for the said entrance test. Then comes the hardest part of it all, that is comparing these marks. A competition develops between your peers and especially your close friends. This competition makes you work hard and stand out the crowd. Now, the last thing you want is your closest friend moving to a different city. And this departure doesn’t come easy. Their is a lot of emotional bondage that increases overtime.

Finally, In College!

After the admission process, comes the adapting to the new environment phase . Where almost everything changes. As you enter your college, it is the first week and the induction ceremony is happening. Here you get to meet everyone. Then you decide in a matter of weeks who will stay. Who will be that friend of yours with whom you might spend the rest of your college experience with.

During this time, one more question starts to creep in the back of one’s mind. That is how many of one’s school friends will remain. as their friends, and how many of them are going to stop being in touch completely. This phase teaches you a lot. About how many of your friends actually valued your friendship with them.

If one ends up moving away from their hometown for college which is very common for those from Tier 2 and 3 cities. one major change in one’s life will be that, your new friends will become your new family. our roommates and the friends group you choose will become the people you spend most if not all your time with.

Some people will find this phase far harder than the rest. Hence ,it is very important to chose the correct group of friends to be around you. It is very important to find at least one friend with whom you can study with. these friendships where both of you are helping each other. In some way it is very important as it will help you excel in your academics.

College Life V/S School Life😊

One major difference between college and school life in the number of restrictions. The administrators put guidelines on the students in college. To attend or not attend the class, or to wear certain kinds of clothes and so on. For instance, the students become the part of a very prominent rat race. Then come the studies. The teachers put less effort in discipling the students. It is a very small change that one can face after 12th but it can make a huge difference at times.

If one ends up going away the hostel life phase comes in. Which will be a let if you compare them from all the stereotypes. and unrealistic Bollywood movies, one will gain a huge amount of exposure . Then making different friends the social life will become a priority. You will miss your family and the comfort of your own home. The gala time you used to have with your family.

You will miss everything. Until you realize that everything is life is a phase. Nothing or nobody in your life is here to stay. Even you aren’t here to stay. Time is unpredictable and it will pass. But the hostel experience will push the comfort zone out the door. Meaning this phase becomes ideal to experiment with ones skills. Hence, it is important to be in the look out for mentorships as well.