Matter In Our Surrounding | Class 9th Science

Hello Everyone, here I have covered Science Notes for Class 9th. The Chapter, I have covered here is Matter In Our Surrounding. here, you will have many question for practice at the end of the notes.

Topics covered in this notes, are very easy to understand. every points has clear definition with examples. what you learn here is best than learning from text books.

Once you have started learning from the notes, you will see some important section. each section define you the topic very good. Have a quick look at down to the topics, that you are going to learn.

  1. Chapter at a Glance
  2. Matter and Its Physical Nature of Particles
  3. Characteristics of Particles
  4. States of Matter
  5. Change of State of Matter
  6. By Changing the Temperature
  7. Effect of Change of Pressure
  8. Important Questions

Click Here For Complete Notes for Chapter 1

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