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Microsoft Word Training Courses

Posted on 18th May 2018 15:59:11 in Microsoft Word Training Course, Master Diploma in Computer information and System management, Education News, Diploma In Computer Hardware, Diploma In Computer Application, Certificate In Computer Hardware, Certificate In Computer Application, Basic Computer Course

Why we should learn Microsoft Word course?

We Should Learn Microsoft Word Course, because it gives us so much knowledge of using it. And it also provide knowledge that can be used while working as professional in the company. Until we know it we cannot do anything at all. So, therefore we should have knowledge of MS Word.

As we know that it is a requirement for us, when we are doing job. Interviewer always ask for basic knowledge of computer, if we don't have basic knowledge of computer, we are unable to have a job.

People also learn Microsoft Word Training Course when they have spare time, especially women or aged person. Because they have some free time at home and they want to have skill related to computer course.

In short, if I tell you, we should do Microsoft Word course as we know that today's world growing technologically. In every place we use word or word processing application to do work, even in the hospital we see use of computer a lot, and everything is online and are done by computer. So, for be in place, where everyone is smart, we have to be smart too.

Microsoft Word - Basic + Advanced (New Option)

Here in this course, you are learning Microsoft word BASIC + ADVANCED technique. We already know so much option of MS Word, but still there is something new that you are going to learn. The First option, you are learning is ONLINE PRESENTATION of word, and second option you are learning is NEW MAIL MERGE option. There are still so many new option that are remaining to describe in the article, you will find those new option in the course syllabus.


After completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Describe the advanced use of Mail Merge option.
  • Use online presentation for word. 
  • Format Document professionally
  • Explain the difference between Save and Save As
  • Explain the use of Format Painter, Left to right Text Direction, right to left Text Direction, Sort , Show and Hide, highlighting text
  • Explain the use of Editing Block such as Find and Replace and Select.
  • Make Resume
  • Show Data as Graphical format
  • Make cover page
  • Explain the use of Macros etc.


All Acme Collins School Courses are free or paid to study, you are able to get certificate or diploma when you enroll in the course and after successful enrollment, you must score 50% or higher in each course exam.

Having an official Acme Collins School Certificate or Diploma is a great way to celebrate your success,

You are able to include With CVs, Job Applications and portfolios

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