O level Equivalent Course with complete information

First, we’ll talk about what is O Level Course and then the O level equivalent course?

The O level course is a scheme that is developed by DOEACC. That is a foundation-level computer course. The student can get this certification by passing an examination conducted by NIELIT. The student faces a lot of problems with the O-level course. Therefore, we come up with complete information about the O level course and the equivalent course for the O level. Just scroll down to get this information. This course is approved by the government. As the ministry of human resource development, the government of India has approved the O-level course and which is conducted through CSI under NIELT.

o level equivalent course

What is the duration of O level course?

The duration of this o level course is one year. After one year you asked to take the examination and on the successful attempt. Also, you receive a certificate of that.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this course depends upon you. Because if you get this course with the help of any concerned institute. Then this will cost you around Rs 15,000. Because they will manage everything like form filling, checking to admit card, giving you coaching and all. But you can save your money as this will cost you approx. Rs. 3500 if you do all the procedures by yourself. So, if you know all the things including filling up the form then you can do it by yourselves but, if you do not have any knowledge. Then you should take the help of an institute to get a better result with less effort.

What is the syllabus of O level course?

If you enroll in an O-level course, then you will have 4 subjects. Where the 3 subjects will be compulsory and you have one optional subject, and when your syllabus gets over. Then you will have to give exams like other courses and each subject contains one exam. The name of O level subjects is M1-R4, M2-R4, M3-R4, and M4. (1-R4/2-R4/3-R4). Here is the detailed information about the subjects:

Compulsory subjects:

  • M1-R4 refers to the ‘IT Tools and Business System”

In this subject, there is a lot of information about the number system, input and output system, CPU, and how it works. Including MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel software mastering modules.

  • M2-R4 means the “Internet Technology and Web design”

This subject carries the fundamental information about the internet, networking, and also about HTML, JavaScript, and VB Script topics. Besides this, there are a lot more things on this subject as well.

  • M3-R4 represents “Programming And Problem Solving With C Language”

C programming is hard this is the general perception of a student. But those who have mastered C programming are learning in lakhs. So in this compulsory subject, you will have a sound understanding of the C language as well.

Optional Subjects:

  • 1-R4 is the code of the Application of .Net Technology.

This is also a programming language. The subject on the Application of .Net will give you the exact information that is needed for today’s technology world.

  • 2-R4 is the code for introduction for multimedia subject

This subject allows you to explore the multimedia fundamentals Including video editing, audio and image editing, animation, and many other similar topics.

  • 3-R4 this subject code represents the Introduction to ICT resources

In this subject, you will see the many modules regarding PC assembly and utility application and also learn advanced topics in it.

What do you mainly learn in an O-level course?

The O level course is the foundation course, which includes the theory and practical part both in its syllabus. This course helps students to get complete information about internet technology tools. That is in use for many digital purposes. Also, give a glimpse of web designing and C programming language. In short, the candidate learns about computer applications and basic theoretical knowledge of computer applications.

What are the eligibility criteria for O level course by NIELT?

The student must have to clear 10+2 or have an ITI certificate in any field. There are just basic requirements that a student must have to take this course.

What is the Equivalent course for O level?

The O level course builds up the foundation of computer application with its theoretical and practical modules. This course is also known as the foundation course in computer application If you are looking for the equivalent course at O level. Then you need to know that the o level course stands similar to the CS diploma of any recognized university. So, this is a totally wrong approach to devote to this course. This is the authority of the government of India and conducted by NIELT or the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. But if you can also do the diploma in computer science engineering because this also offers a similar course module in a similar field. So, if you want to get a diploma in computer science engineering. Then you can acquire it from acmecollinsschool.com at discounted and affordable fees.

o level course

What are the career opportunities you will have after the O-level course?

This O-level certificate will give you essentially know-how to computer application and programming language. So you can work in a similar sector, such as you can become a junior engineer, web designer, EDP assistant, Lab Demonstrator. And also can apply for jobs in governmental agencies regarding this IT and programming field.


The O level course is one of the great courses that are equivalent to a CS diploma course by any recognized university and takes only one year to get complete. If you have an interest in making a career in the IT field, then this is one of the best courses you have available these days or if you want to get a bit more in-depth knowledge. Then you can enroll in our affordable CS diploma course. Also, you can take a tour short-term course in CCA with the government-approved certificate which will give similar information with diverse tactics. So, we hope now you have a complete understanding of what is the O level course and have sound info about the Equivalent course for the O level.

Reference: https://www.nielit.gov.in/content/doeacc-o-level

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