What is the scope and importance of Political Science

Meaning of Political science

Here we are discussing political science its nature and scope. Firstly we should know the meaning of political science. It is very important to understand the term political science.

We can represent Political science as a social science also. It mainly deals with the support of the state and the principles of the government. As we all know that Aristotle is the father of Political Science. Aristotle, an Ancient Greek Philosopher, represents man by a nature as a ‘political creature’.

In simple words, you can say that political science is the department of knowledge. Political Science mainly deals with the state and systems of government.

Scope of Political Science

After knowing the meaning of Political Science, we are now ready to know the scope of Political Science. All the subject matter which are studied in political science are the scope of political science. Political science is the study of State and Government. Political Science is the knowledge of associations and organizations.

In this, we study national and international problems.

Four Zones of Political Science

The first is Political Theory, which deals with the fundamental concepts of political science. A political institution is involved with the knowledge of the social-political institution.

The Four Zone

Political Dynamics means organizations and rules which operate within the government such as Political parties etc.

The last is International relations. So we can say that Political Science deals with observed facts. It deals with Value-based facts also. Political science has to face the problems of state and government. As we all know that a state is a collection of people assembled for law.

So, The state has divided into four characteristics -:

  1. Population
  2. Territory
  3. Government
  4. Sovereignty

Importance of Political Science

We know that Political Science is a precise study of governance. So, Political Science explores the state and its organs and organizations.

As we know that Political Science focuses on the theory and practice of government. Political Science is important as it is about the public.

It will give attention not only to government or political parties but to every citizen and each man also.
We know that politics affect our lives obliquely or directly.

Political Science is necessary because it recognizes the modern state problem and finds the solution. Political Science studies various issues related to states and basic human rights. It also analyses the political thought and moreover opinions of some prominent political thinkers. So I think Political Science is further important as it makes oneself informed of their powers and duties.

It also assumes the person and citizen relations to the state. Political science talks about likewise corruption, human rights, and they understand the current problem and finds its solution.

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