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Short Term Computer Courses for Beginners

There are many benefits which you get when you complete short term computer courses, First of all, the course duration is less and second, you can finish it in a short period of time and can get a job in the field you have completed a course.

There is plus point that while doing your 10/12th class you can do short term courses, while doing so, it will not disturb your study even this will help you to study better, because when we keep studying one subject for a long time we actually get bored, and along with this study if you choose to learn something new and amazing then you never feel bored. Therefore, it is the best option for 10th or 12th class student to learn short term courses.

These courses are objected to providing jobs after you finish your short term courses, Thus, Finding an Institute wouldn’t a problem but, getting a certificate from recognized institute would be an obstacle

Buy Online Short Term Computer Courses and Get Certificate after completion of an Online Assessment

short term computer courses

short term computer courses

So, here we come with the solution, We Acme Collins School Provide Online Short Term Courses, and as student buy a course from a portal, they receive login credentials of the course and they have both choices whether learning study material first or take an online assessment. If they choose to study first the materials they are being provided, it will take them time to complete the course and in the opposite, if they have little knowledge of courses So, they can try to take an online assessment, if they passed with 50% marks in the assessment, certificate will be generated on their student portal or Acme Collins School Dashboard. They can download the certificate right away and the original certificate will be couriered to their registered address (At the time of registration or buying a course) within a week.


Many of the courses are job oriented for short term computer courses. Here, I will provide you a list of short term courses which will help you get a job.

Let’s talk about Diploma Courses,

All the Diploma Courses, which are provided to students duration between 6 Months to 3 Year are valid and job oriented.

Diploma Courses

DCA Which is a 6 Month Programme, Similarly, There is Diploma in Hardware Networking, Diploma in Journalism, etc. Check more courses on website

And all the Certificate Courses, are for job oriented but these are not just sufficient for jobs.

Here are some example of certificate courses

CCA – Certificate in Computer Application is a 3 Month Programme, Similarly, There is Certificate in Adobe Photoshop, Certificate in Computer Hardware, etc.

Value of Certification

All the certification or diploma are valid and can be used for jobs. We are a registered company under companies act 2013 and certificate recognized by KK Education Society (Registered Act, 21 1860).

So, After you get a certificate from us, This would be valid and Govt Approved and can be used for jobs and further study.

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