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Should I choose DTU or NSUT for computer science next year

Dhruv malik –

Assuming that this answer is read when NSIT has turned into NSUT: (which hasn’t happened till 2016)

Now that none of the colleges can offer you a DU degree, it doesn’t matter if the brand is DTU or NSUT.
Your choice should rather be based on the academics and social life at theses colleges now.
PS: “Now because it’s known to everyone that it was DCE” sounds more like you want your “Aunty quotient” to be up.

Arnav singh –

I think it depends on what type of life do you want in a college.. DTU and Nsit both are equivalent for computer engineering as far Placement is concerned. Placement is awesome at both the colleges in software sector as well as non tech sector.But both colleges have shortcomings

. DTU intake is around 600 including COE, IT, SE, MCE while NSIT has around 350 students from IT, COE(correct me if am wrong). So competition for placements is less in NSIT as compared to DTU. But thanks to TnP cell of Dtu almost everyone gets placed in many dream companies and startups whith handsome salaries of above 12lpa. Each and every deserving student in DTU gets to topnotch companies like Amazon,Microsoft,Adobe, Codenation, Schlumberger, Sandisk, SAMSUNG R&D, Arista, Goldman sachs, UHG, HSBC and many more.Three students even have been placed in google India and 1 in Uber with package of 1.23 crore. The same goes with Nsit. So placement is not an issue until and unless you are obsessed witb the intake numbers.

2.Facult at Nsit is slightly better than at DTU, but it does not help off at either college, its only the students who build careerpath for themselves.

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