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The HIndu Editorial | The World is Still Flat

Posted on 27th Apr 2017 00:54:54 in Newspaper

Word Problem:

Exude (v): if you exude a particular quality it means, it is easy to see that you have a lot of it.

Optimism(N): A tendency to believe that good things always happen

Caveat(N): Warning that something may not be completely true or effective.

Premature(adj): happening before the natural or proper time/ done too early or too soon.

Poised(adj): not moving, but ready to move or do something at any moment

Secular(adj): not connected with or controlled by a church or other religious authority

Stagnation (n): the act of stop development or progress.

Parity(n): equality

Prolonged(adj): continuing for long time.

Spectre(N): something that people afraid of because they think that it may affect them badly.

Deflation (N): a reduction in the amount of money in the country’s economy so that prices fall or stop rising.-- inflation


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