What After 12th – The Most Common List Of Courses After 12th

Are you a 12th class student? And you are not getting the answer to “what after 12th”. So, stay connected with this blog to get the answer to this life-changing question. This is a question that every student thinks about, but a few of them know the next way for them. Why does this confusion arise? Generally, students do not have an idea about the career option are available for them, they don’t have any counsellor to advise them, or have less information about the courses after 12th.

courses after 12th

There are many courses for different streams, so you do not need to think about them.  If you belong to the arts, commerce, or science stream, then you will have fewer career options. But before choosing a course after 12th you must focus on your interest and passion, motivation, and the goal that you have decided. In short, there are several courses including bachelors, engineering, diploma in disaster management, business management, computer science, architecture and many more, we will discuss all in detail.

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Which is the best course after the 12th?

This section includes the best courses after 12th for all the stream’s students, whether they belong to arts, commerce, or science. So, we have created a list of all the courses that apply to you as per your stream. Therefore, here are the lists.

Courses after 12th Arts stream

Though Arts stream students are considered as less talented students as they do not belong to commerce or science streams. But have you ever considered that only art students have the privilege to get governmental jobs and a wide range of career opportunities? In this section, we will provide you with a list of the best courses for the arts stream students.

The list of courses for Arts students
Course NameCourse DurationEstimated fees (Per Year)Average Package (Salary) P.a
Bachelor of Arts3 Years4,000-65,0002,00,000-7,00,000
Bachelor of Arts (Honors)3 Years5,000-1,00,000Up to 7,00,000
Bachelors of Fine Arts3 Years85,000 to 6,00,0003,00,000
Bachelor of Business administration3 Years1,00,000 to 2,50,0002,70,000 to 7,00,000
Bachelor of Arts with LLB5 Years1,50,000 to 7,00,0003,00,000-6,00,000
Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication3 Years1,40,0001,50,000-5,00,000
Bachelor of Fashion Design3 or 4 Years5,20,0002,00,000-9,00,000
Bachelor of Hotel Management3 Years22,000-3,00,00010,00,000
Bachelor of Event Management3 Years1,00,000-2,00,0004,00,000-5,00,000
Bachelor of Social Work3 Years10,0003,95,000
Bachelor of Travel and tourism management3 Years2,000 -2,00,0002,60,000
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration3 Years50,000-6,00,0003,00,000

Courses after 12th commerce

A commerce stream student has options to make a career in finance, accounting, management, and business administration. So, here is the list for commerce students.

The list of courses for commerce students

Course NameCourse DurationEsimated Fees (Per Year)Average Package after the course
Bachelor of commerce3 Years10,000-1,00,0001,50,000-3,00,000
Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)3 Years10.000-1.00.0002,00,000-10,00,000
Bachelor of Business Administration3 Years50,000-1,00,0003,00,00-7,00,000
Bachelor of Commerce with LLB5 years30,000-1,00,00010.00.000
Bachelor of BBA with LLB5 years35000-1,50,00010,00,000
Bachelor of Business Studies3 Years12,000-1,00,0004,50,000
Bachelor of Computer Application3 Years15,000-2,00,0003,76,000
Bachelor of management studies3 Years8,000-2,00,0004,26,000

Professional course after 12th for Commerce Students

In this list of courses, there are the best professional courses that a commerce background student can pursue.

Course NameCourse DurationEstimated FeesAverage Package After the course
Charted Accountancy5 Years6,00,000-30,00,0007,00,000
Company Secretary 3 Years3,00,0003,00,000-9,00,000
Diploma in Financial Accounting1 year20,000-80,0001,80,000-2,50,000
Bachelor of Foreign language3 Years35,000-1,00,0004,40,000

Courses after 12th science

If you are a student of the Science stream, then you think you will do BSc and then another course to go in the medical or engineer field. But you also have many courses to choose from. If you have an interest in technology or machine learning or engineer or medical line, then you can enrol in many similar courses listed below.

The list of courses for Science students

Course NameCourse DurationEstimated Fees Average Package After the course
Bachelor of Science3 years25,000 -80,0003,00,000-7,00,000
BE or B. Tech3 years40,500-1,50,0002,50,000
Bachelor of Science in IT3 years1,00,000-4,00,0004,00,000
Bachelor of Science in Nursing3 years20,000-2,50,0003,00,000
Bachelor of Pharmacy3 years1,00,000-,4,00,0003,50,000
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design3 years15,000-2,00,0005,00,000
Bachelor of Physiotherapy3 years1,71,000 5,00,000
Bachelor of Architecture3 years2,00,000- 6,00,0003,00,000

What is the best thing to do after the 12th?

If you are confused about the best thing to do after the 12th, then here is the explanation for this. Let start with art stream students. If you are an art stream student, then you can make your career in a diverse field as we have discussed above. But how can you choose the best course for you? For this, you need to understand your interests and goal, whether you want to go into the teaching line. Or want to work in a private or government organization.

If you want to do a government job, then you can opt for graduation, and if you want to work in an MNC company or want to start your own professional work profile. Then you can go to foreign language courses and other courses which suit you.

What to do if you are a commerce student? A commerce student can also opt for governmental jobs and can go into the management or accounts field. Besides this, if you want to get professional skills, then you can go with professional courses like CA, CS, and BBA.

Also, you can learn about computer applications, then you can enrol in the BCA course. Moreover, if you want to do a government job, then you can prepare for IAS, IES, NDA, SSC, and for this, you might need a graduate degree so you can pursue BCom.

A science stream student, then you can go into technical, IT, management, and medical field. Thus, if you want to be a doctor or medical officer, then you should choose the course as per that need. For being a doctor, you need to do MBBS, BPharma for a pharmacy career. Moreover, the students who have an interest in design then can do a BSc in design or interior design.

What girls can do after the 12th?

Today there are no boundaries topics from limited options for a girl candidate so a girl student can also do the same course as a boy student. Even so, here are some manes of professional that you can be after completing certain courses. You can become an air hostess by doing a bachelor’s degree.

Also, you can do courses in aviation, hospitality, and management, film mass communication, language, visual arts, or BSc in fashion designing and BSc in Nursing and more. Also, you can go for the NDA, SSC, UPSC, and other competitive courses to make your dream come true.

What You Can do after the 12th to earn money

You can start earning money after your 12th. As you have a wide range of options to earn money, for example, you can provide coaching to students. If you do this, then you can earn the money that allows you to meet with your education and several expenses as well. You can also work in a shop or hotel where you can earn approx 10,000 RS per month. Many students are doing this with their studies.

If you do a job, it enhances your communication and other skills and helps you into the corporate world as your interest in the customer daily. Also, you will feel mature and it will help you a lot in getting high-paying jobs and facing interviews.

Besides this, you can earn money with the help of social media like YouTube and Blogging websites. Also, this can be your full-time profession as well many candidates earn much from their social media. If you want to get work experience, then you can take an online or offline internship this will give you practical knowledge.


So, you have gotten the answers to all the questions and now you will not waste your time finding the best course and career option for you. If you like the information, please share it with your friends to help them as well.

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