Which can be the best step to start anything?

Someone has rightly said,” Just because the outcome of something scares you, that should not mean that you would hold yourself back from starting it. A good start always compliments a better ending. ”

A good beginning makes a good end

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In our lives, there are a lot of things that we give a QuickStart to. Be it learning a new skill, getting into a new environment, meeting new people, or developing a new habit.

Our lives are all about the beginnings and ends. But when we only talk about beginnings, it is important to realize that starting something takes a lot. Numerous trolls on our confidence, and usually beginnings happen with a pinch of excitement.

However, as humans, we go through a sense of repulsion toward change. Any new thing comes to us with a sense of inertia, a repulsion to change our current state. But at some point, this repulsion becomes huge enough to hold us back from beginning new ventures. But the question here is, why should we keep aback, and not because of anything or anybody, but because of ourselves? Let us answer that ‘why’ here.

Not Knowing The Basics

No matter what we are starting, it is vital for us to learn its basics. No matter if it’s a new skill, a new language, or even if it’s a newer way to cook our favourite dish recipe, everything requires you to sow some seed within you. Moreover, we should initially call for guidance from somebody experienced in that particular venture.

For example, no language was ever learned without learning the alphabet. Hence, it is quite essential for one to learn these alphabets for anything. Moreover, there is not any need to rush the process. If you want to not just learn but keep things intact in the long run too, then one should not care how much time is consumed.

Consistency is the key

The key to success is consistency. Consistency breeds habits. Habits shape the actions we take on a daily basis. Success is the result of the action. “It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives,” Anthony Robbins said. It is what we do all the time.”

This means that you should devote at least 2-3 hours per day, on average, to focused work on Launch School material. You cannot multitask, so do not try. Turn off Facebook, Skype, and your phone, and tell your parents/spouse not to bother you. And it will be difficult, even more so once the initial excitement and enthusiasm wear off. You’ll start making excuses.

Don’t be afraid of trial & and Error

We do not expect a baby to be able to walk right out of the womb. We understand that for them to learn, they will fall, get bruised, and inevitably experience pain. However, we recognize that failure is a necessary part of the process of learning to walk. The zeal wears off. You’ll start making excuses.

Hence the question that arises here is, “how do we acquire new knowledge? Error and trial. Error is necessary, but it is not the endpoint as the phrase “trial and error” implies. Instead, it is a warning sign that something needs to be changed. It provides us with the information we need to make an appropriate adjustment to behaviours to either improve or redirect ourselves. So life is more about trial and adjustment than trial and error.” by Shoshana Shea and Annabelle Parr

So, rather than waiting for certainty that will never come, we can cultivate self-awareness, do our best to make decisions that are consistent with who we are and what we value, and take the leap of faith required to move forward and discover new perspectives.

Try not to think about the ripened FRUIT

No matter where we put in our efforts or how much input we put in, we always go along with a mindset of attaining an output from it. But keeping this mentality somehow limits us from trying certain things that might not necessarily give us the desired output. And due to such a mentality, we are clearly losing on enjoying the little things, as we are programmed to dream big, hence small things do not satisfy us anymore.

Don’t care about what they think

Whenever you feel judged for what you are, you just got to remember one thing. And that one thing should be ‘ Not anyone of them is going to come and live your life for you.’ Consider yourself as both the horses and commander of your life, only then will things start to fall into place, and only then you won’t feel gazed upon or mocked by others. You will outgrow your consciousness and you will be brave.

Only then it will truly be a lasting beginning.