Why Should I Choose Career in Data Science As Data Scientist

Read Thoroughly, In order to know why career as a Data Scientist is good option.

Do you see the ads on your desktop about the toiletries you buy at the same time without searching it?

You see it pop up there at that time of the year. But you can’t find those ads until you have actively searched for it.

Looking for a new mobile phone?? I am sure your search history is filled with searches on phones. Are there ads relating about mobile phones popping up in your Instagram??

In both those cases, a data scientist was involved. Data science is nothing but exploiting the structured or unstructured data to benefit your website.

A Data scientist uses this data to send you similar ads or offers based on your search results.

career as data scientist

What does a Data Scientist do?

What do you call a mix of mathematician, computer scientist, and trend-spotter? A Data Scientist. They mine large amounts of data, find a trend and delve deeper into the trend.

They figure out why a certain thing is becoming a trend. Then, manipulate the knowledge gained into leverage for their company/businesses.

They sell this information gained by going through the data set to either a related company or in IT.

Required skills.

To get a job as a career in data scientist you need some of these hard skills –

  • Machine learning
  • Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Hadoop, etc.

You can also get a job if you are a great problem-solver, can communicate in a way that can convince people to invest in your products, or even a great listener.

Potential roles to play as a data scientist Career

There are a good few job titles if you learn data science. Like –

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Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst uses the data present in front of him to figure out the market and business trends.

He then presents a clear overview to his employers. Based on the analysis given to them by you they make decisions to help grow their respective company.

Data Mining Engineer

As a data mining engineer, you don’t just extract data for yourself but also third-party companies. You even create an algorithm, such that it analyzes the data even further.

By doing this, you can be a freelancer earning a lot of money. Or you can be paid good money by companies to acquire your skills.

Career and Role As Data Scientist

You have to find, process and organize data for their companies. Data scientists must sift through raw data and figure out the trend based on the data you have collected.

Based on the information you give your employers, they will take certain decisions which will help in the growth of their company. Data scientists are required to be much more technical than the others.

Machine learning Engineer

The Machine Learning Engineers work to make data funnels and create software solutions. They must have good programming skills to be able to make such programs.

And also have to perform experiments on them to see if they work perfectly. They should also be good at statistics so that they know their data well.

Data Architect

They work with users, system designers, and developers to make the blueprints of the data management software.

They create the software in such a way it is able to find, collect and analyse that data.

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Develop and design the application so that users can find the required information with ease. They help businesses acquire the analysed data required without much effort.

They use BI tools to develop newer applications to manage the data acquired.

Infrastructure Architect

Infrastructure architects make sure the systems used are working properly and can handle the newest programs and technologies.

They make sure there aren’t many problems with the system, otherwise that could stall the company’s development.


Statisticians use their skills to collect the data and find a relation in them. That is, find business and market trends.

Collect this data and create a strategy for the stakeholders in the company. They make sure to update the stakeholders with the data and trend they have acquired.

Enterprise Architect Also a Good Option for Career As Data Scientist

An Enterprise Architect would glue together the business strategy formulated along with the company’s requirement.

They need to have a deep understanding about the business they are working with, along with the technology they use if they want to do the task without any hitch.

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Demand for Data Scientists

Even though experts predict that the work of the data scientists will be automated in the future. There will still be a demand for professionals working in that field.

There will always be a requirement for a professional who can analyse the data and suggest strategies for a business to grow.

The world works on data. Data scientists are needed in all the fields – from government works to dating apps.

Every company and organisation needs a data scientist, to compute and analyse data for them. since the automation of this profession will not happen anytime soon, a professional will be needed.

Experts can say that this career can be automated – but it won’t happen anytime soon. This career path is still quite new in the market, and there are plenty of job opportunities.

High-paying jobs to add to that. A company will always want to stay ahead of its competitors, so they will need someone with the data science skills.

The demand for these jobs will only go up from now after the graduates see its potential.

You will have to learn about all the advanced programs used by the data scientists. Such as – tableau, machine learning, python, SAS, and many more.

With the increase in demand, the salaries offered will also be high. Upwards of $80,000 as a starting salary. You can expect an average salary of $107,000 as a data scientist.

Once you choose this as your career, the only way for you is up!!

You must stay calm and acquire all these skills from our Acme Collins School’s website!

Good luck!!!

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