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Word Meaning

Posted on 16th Apr 2017 14:55:44 in Learn Word Meaning Through Mnemonic Method

(1) Vulture: A Large bird that eats dead animal

Ex: Rare Egyptian Vulture rescued.

(2) Petition: A written request which is signed by many people to do something or to change something.

Ex: Neighbours beat up lawyer over encroachment Petition.

(3) Anomaly: Something that is noticeable

Ex: In those days, A woman professor was still an anomaly.

(4) Plummet: Suddenly fall down from a high place or decrease in value 

Ex: House prices have plummeted down

(5) Frenzy (N): Feeling or state of anxiety or excitement in which behaviour is not controlled.

Ex: A Frenzy of religous Feeling


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