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CCH - Certificate in Computer Hardware

CCH - Certificate in Computer Hardware
Online Course -56 %
CCH - Certificate in Computer Hardware
Government certification * Certification valid for life * Lifelong e-learning access
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Mode of Exam/Assessment - Online
Note:- No Negative Marking in the Assessment/Exam
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We have been a premier institution providing online training to candidates who find it hard to pick up skills which make them job-ready. We have introduced the concept of Computer Hardware course, which equips youngsters with needed expertise which employers across the industry look for. As we provide training online, candidates from across India, can simply log-in and gain access to a wide treasure of knowledge of computer hardware and can look forward in a positive the way towards a golden future.

Our course and the curriculum of Advanced Computer Hardware training is designed by experts who are widely experienced and feel the pulse of the job market. Please rely upon our online training expertise and we promise to carve out an easy career path before you, on the completion of the course.

Certificate In Computer Hardware Online:

Digital technology and computers have made its presence felt in almost every sphere of life and Indians should not lack in such a superior concept. Therefore, at Acme Collins, CCH training online is scheduled and our subject experts provide world-class computer hardware training which covers a range of important points as the syllabus contains the latest concepts. In fact, our syllabus is updated twice a year, in every 6 months. The central purpose of our training is to benefit students through expert and valuable the training which is all set to flick youth careers to new heights and job search becomes an easy way.

Students can access our live training sessions from home or libraries, study tutorials and can also put in, their doubts and we promise to provide the remarkable training and efficient doubt clearing session which will result in towering skill-building.

Enroll for our CCH training skill and we promise a sterling career path to you. 

Maximum Duration3 Months
Module 1Origin of the idea of Computer Hardware and Software and its basics, Taking Computers As a Problem Solving Tool: Supporting people to be computer literate
Module 2Computer Hardware - Computer Hardware Basics, How To Assemble PC, Introduction to computer hardware, Computer Hardware, and Software, Introduction to motherboards, What is Graphic Card/Video Card, How Hard Disk Work?, Diagnostic, Use of Diagnostic program
Module 3Computer Classification: Microcomputers, Minicomputers, Mainframes, Supercomputers. Their objective and difference in design and power, The basics of most basic Operating system such as Linux, Windows Family, Mac, Unix and so forth and we teach about the significance of such computers and its design and on objectives which such computers are expected to resolve,
Module 4Theory and practice of Numbering systems and how the numbering system is managed in internal data representation within computers, Training about various Office Automation Tools, like MS Office Applications: Spreadsheet software basics: worksheet framework, putting data/formulas into cells, editing, cell references, recalculating formulas, designing templates, "what if" analysis, graphics,Basics of Word processing software: system environment, features, and functions, editing, formatting, printing options, search/replace and block commandsMaking Presentations Using Applications Such as MS PowerPoint,MS Outlook: How to enable and implement it.
Module 5Software applications managing huge databases and which enable users in the system environment, in creating structures, to display records, sorting and manipulating records, in enabling reports and in drafting queries and so forth. All such RDBMS concepts are there in our CCH training course, Managing the transfer of data transfer and defining its path within the computer system, Introduction to graphics software and detail analysis upon its features, functions, editing and formatting options, hen our CCH course training is given,
Module 6Range of programming languages such as C, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML 5 and so forth and how such can be optimized to make a superior project accomplishment, Internet concept, and web browser fundamentals, utility of e-mail,

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