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Building a career in the field of accountancy is not an easy task. It is not because the accountancy subject is very tough rather it is an easy and straight forward subject but the accountancy in itself is vast and to select a field in it is not an easy task. A business firm is made by and in figures. And those who have the capability to understand and interpret these figures, have a successful career in this field.

So, ACME COLLINS SCHOOL has done detailed research and have come up with an amazing course that can be pursued by every student who has a deep interest in the subject. It gives detailed information on the subject.


The course is designed in such a way that it gives complete and detailed knowledge of the subject to the student. Also, it is to ensure that every student pursuing the course is able to get required the technical knowledge that is required in the working environment to work efficiently and effectively.

The course is designed to give the students knowledge about the basics as well as advanced knowledge about the subject matter. Also, the course gives complete insight as to schedules and accounting standards that are prominent and widely used to prepare various accounting statements like income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, etc.

This FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING COURSE demonstrates the duty and responsibilities held by a FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANT in an entity. The FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING COURSE is an important element to aware about the financial models and other types of financial analysis.


The course is planned and constructed in such a way that it helps the students in analyzing the company’s financial statements and disclosure. The course is designed to give the students specialization and technical skills in financial accounting. The course is drafted in such a way that it is capable of delivering all the 3 aspects to the students that are Accounting, financing, and management. The teaching of the subject is structured to provide professional practice and extensive awareness of the subjects.

The course details are mentioned below-


Financial accounting is a branch of account that deals with summary, analysis, and reporting of financial transactions of a business entity. Using the guidelines mentioned, the transactions are recorded and presented in the financial statements like income statement and balance sheet. Financial accounting is used in the decision-making process. Also, it provides information about the financial status of the company to outsiders such as investors, stakeholders, creditors, etc.


The purpose of course orientation is to familiarize the student with the course syllabus, classmates and also the institutions learning atmosphere. The orientation program will also assist in obtaining the technical know-how that is being required for the course. It will give the details of the subjects, the requirements, etc. To ensure that the student faces no issues while pursuing the course



Long term assets as the same suggest are retained by an entity for a longer period of time. It is held by an entity for a period which is more than 12 months. Long term assets stay in the balance sheet for a longer period of time. Also, their valuation of these assets changes over time and are helpful in the decision-making process for the entity.



Liabilities held by an entity are distinguished on the basis of LONG TERM LIABILITIES AND THE SHORT TERN LIABILITIES. Long term liabilities are those liabilities that are payable by the firm after a period of more than one year. While short term liabilities are liabilities that are payable by a firm within the year. Liabilities plays a crucial role in the decision making the process. It is because liabilities are the major source of financing.  Liabilities of a firm includes creditors, loans and advances, bills payable, outstanding expenses, etc. The liabilities informs about the liquidity position of the entity.



One of the major and main sources of a financing for both public and private companies are shareholders equity. It depicts the investments made by various shareholders in the company and the percentage of ownership in the company. The shareholder's accounting helps in assessing the amount of undistributed profit or earnings by a firm that is not distributed among the holders, shareholders investment, amount of shares repurchased also known as buyback, shares issued in consideration or exchange, etc.



It is one of the most important and necessary statements used in the decision-making process. The statement depicts the cash inflow and outflow by the firm while operating, investing and financing the business transaction. Also, it depicts the true position of the company and shows how cash changes and is used over a period of time in the process of performing transactions. It depicts the true liquidity position of the firm.


The specialization in the field of financial management provides all the expertise and skills that are required to work successfully in this field of financial management. Also, it gives the students awareness and technical foundation of the financial management to assure they have a capability to create value at the workplace.


The demand for graduates with financial management knowledge is very high presently. It is because of some obvious reasons that a company cannot run successfully in the long run without managing in financial statement properly.

The FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING COURSE offered by ACME COLLINS SCHOOL focuses on the main areas of financial accounting and assures to incorporate these things in the course. The course is designed to give financial expertise and financial experience to the students.

The aim of the subject to provide

  • solid foundation and complete understanding of the subject
  • skills required to critically evaluate the financial statements provided.
  • Evaluations and management of the portfolio techniques
  • Incorporating risk and uncertainty situation in the decision-making process
  • Critical understanding and examining of financial management and financial statements

Certification Authority

The certification we award at the end of the course is fully valid in any job market and candidates can find easy breakthroughs in their careers. Being approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Government of India.

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Financial Accounting using Tally

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