Acme Collins School is just a start in the field of Education to give such a great facility to the children of our country and make them enthusiastic in terms of study, therefore we provide many courses in the field of the computer to make student's future brighter. So, as they become eminent in terms of knowledge in order to serve a gift of knowledge to their new generation and that gift of knowledge they will transfer to next generation likewise, it will continue forever in the same manner. Therefore, What you learn here is important to keep in mind only practical one of them is Master Diploma in computer application & System Management abbreviated as “MDCIM”.

Online computer Courses

MDCIM “Computer Course through Acme Collins School” gives you excellent understanding in it as well avail you with Diploma in computer after 18 month Duration which helps student to get job easily because a complete package of computer course including basic program e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel , Microsoft PowerPoint , Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker , Hyper Text Mark-Up Language (HTML) , Dynamic HyperText Mark-Up Language (DHTML) , JavaScript, SQL , Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) , Tally Erp , Basic Accounting , Microsoft Paint, Software Installation, etc. gives the excellent knowledge and awareness.

Moreover, we especially provide every point of knowledge as possible in the Course. We update course materials every time to deliver you most beneficial awareness

Our ambition is to give you the compassionate in computer education although aspiration is to make children or student enjoy the education because as we knowledge education is so reliable and everyone wants to enjoy the swallow of it, therefore our Acme Collins School is the only School which is the unit of KK Education Society provide the authentic knowledge

Course Name Course Description Course Duration Course Fees Additional Information
MDCIM Master Diploma in Computer & Information and System Management 18 Month ₹ 7200/- 20% Discount; No Registration charges
DCA Diploma In Computer Applicationn 12 Month ₹ 4800/- No Registration charges
CCA Certificate In Computer Application 9 Month ₹ 3600/-
No Registration charges
CCH Certificate In Computer Hardware 3 Month ₹ 1500/-
No Registration charges
DCH Diploma In Computer Hardware 6 Month ₹ 2400/-
No Registration charges
BCC Basic Computer Course 2-3 Month ₹ 1500/-
No Registration charges

Currently, Above-mentioned Courses are provided in Offline Mode.

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