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An Architecture of the Database System
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Why Should I Take This Certification?It is a basic course in the architecture of the database system, This course will help you to brush up your basic skills in order to learn the advanced courses in the architecture field, meanwhile, if you do not wish to study advanced course in the architecture f..
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Ex Tax:₹500
Introduction to Database Management System
-72 %
A database management system is designed for allowing access, getting back and proper usage of the data concerning adequate security concerns and measures. All the major applications today have a certain database. And these databases have been longed form by DBMS with models such as relational and o..
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Ex Tax:₹3,500
Object Oriented Database Management Systems
-71 %
What is this course about?Database structure the foundation of all significant applications today – firmly or approximately coupled, intranet or web-based, money-related, social, authoritative, etc. Organized Database Management Systems (DBMS) in light of social and different models have since quite..
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