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Graphics and Multimedia

3D Studio MAX
-82 %
3ds Max is an application that is used for 3D professional animation, modeling, and rendering. Formerly known as 3d Max Studio or 3D Studio, the application is used for making interactive games, 3D animations, and visual effects. 3Ds max plays a crucial role in designing 2D cross-section shapes ..
₹4,720 ₹26,786
Ex Tax:₹4,000
Adobe Flash - An Introduction
-65 %
If you are one of those who are keenly interested in animation and want to see your animation being featured all over the world, this course is for you. Our Adobe Flash beginners course will help you set a path in the field of animation and marketing. No matter if you are still an amateur in the wor..
₹4,130 ₹11,918
Ex Tax:₹3,500
Certificate in 2D Animator
-80 %
We all know that there's something mysterious about the craft of conventional animation. The way it appeals to our eyes since day one is one of the best feelings. Traditional animation also called 2D animation is what inspires most of the cartoons and related movies. From tom and jerry and the lion ..
₹4,130 ₹20,532
Ex Tax:₹3,500
Certificate in Graphic Design
-74 %
Graphics and visuals are surrounding us from all directions, in a variety of structures, both on-screen and in print, yet it is mainly just comprised of pictures and words to make a clear cut objective to embed into the viewer’s mind. With this course, we open the individuals to the major skills and..
₹4,720 ₹18,290
Ex Tax:₹4,000
Certificate Program in Photoshop
-58 %
Are you interested in graphic design but are unaware of the best software to do it? Worry not, we are here to help you. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best and time-tested applications used by graphic designers all over the world for graphic design. All those billboards, funky images, and rock band p..
₹4,130 ₹9,936
Ex Tax:₹3,500
Diploma in Multimedia
-55 %
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