The Process of Getting Statement of Marks

At first, you need to go through the buying process of the course. and then you need to follow these instructions step by step.

Step 1 - Contact Us

Step 2 - We will share you login credentials for exams

Step 3 - You will also receive notification for exams

Step 4 - Take your exam on time and date it schedule

Step 5 - When your each module exams be taken by us, Your marks will be updated on the Marksheet

Note:- 1. This Statement of marks only be available as per your request**.

           2. It will only be available when you have successfully taken your all module exams.

           3. Statement of marks will be provided in PDF format only.

           4. There is a separate portal for taking exam for those students who are seeking transcription/Statement of Marks/ Marksheet for their course(s).

Note:- It is not recommended for those who have prerequisite knowledge of the course and only want to get certificate and diploma. For those Users/Candidates/Students only need to take one exam of the course.

and also for the verification purpose the certificate and diploma also contain the marks of exam, So you don't need to worry about your certificate and diploma to be verified by government.

Note:- **If you request for Marksheet after you have successfully taken your final exam of the course or downloaded the certificate. In that case, you need to re-appear in all modules exam only then the request of Marksheet can be considered and for that you need to pay 30% of the course fees. The Payment Invoice will be shared by us to your registered Email ID or Mobile Number.