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3D Studio MAX
New -82 %
3ds Max is an application that is used for 3D professional animation, modeling, and rendering. Formerly known as 3d Max Studio or 3D Studio, the application is used for making interactive games, 3D animations, and visual effects. 3Ds max plays a crucial role in designing 2D cross-section shapes ..
₹4,720 ₹26,786
Ex Tax:₹4,000
Adobe Photoshop CC
-77 %
Graphic designing is the new modern skill and adobe photoshop is the ultimate weapon of it. Adobe Photoshop provides you with all the tools you need to create an eyecatching design and make your design appear worldwide. With our Adobe Photoshop CC course, you will get all the latest knowledge about ..
₹4,213 ₹18,585
Ex Tax:₹3,570
Advanced Diploma in Computer Application
-60 %
This is a 12 months long computer course, divided into smaller modules to help the students gain an understanding of the Computer Applications in the theoretical and practical sense. In this course, the students will be taught to work with different kinds of computer applications and become a p..
₹4,740 ₹11,800
Ex Tax:₹4,017
Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting
New -49 %
This ADFA course on financial accounting is a beginner's course to teach the fundamentals and concepts of financial accounting. Right from maintaining books to assessing transactions of your business, the financial accounting course helps people from both financial and non-financial backgrounds.&nbs..
₹7,670 ₹15,104
Ex Tax:₹6,500
New -65 %
Computers have become a way of lifestyle and professional life now. No matter which stream an individual settles for, the use of computers is going to be evident. For those who are interested in building their skillset in the field of Computers or Information Technology, opting for Advanced Post Gra..
₹14,514 ₹41,772
Ex Tax:₹12,300
ASP.Net & VB with project
-73 %
ASP.NET was created by Microsoft and it is an open-source web framework, which means it’s totally free to use and profit from for the best of your capabilities. It is continuously used for constructing modern-day web apps that are eye-catching yet easy to operate. The biggest feature of .NET is ..
₹4,720 ₹17,700
Ex Tax:₹4,000
ASP.Net with c#
-81 %
ASP.Net is a Web Application framework and marketed by Microsoft. It uses both C# and VB Script Programming Langauge to make a web application easily. It is widely used in the world.In this course, You will learn the basic program of with C# Programming Langauge, and you will also get an exa..
₹4,130 ₹22,302
Ex Tax:₹3,500
ASP.Net with C# with project
-75 %
8 weeks..
₹4,720 ₹18,880
Ex Tax:₹4,000
ASP.Net with VB
-72 %
ASP.Net or Active Server Pages is a server-side technology and it is used for developing the website, you can use it with Visual basic, C#, JavaScript, and J# to develop the website. It is basically divided into two parts first is known as ASP which is a server-side technology and other is known..
₹4,130 ₹14,514
Ex Tax:₹3,500
B COM - Bachelor of Commerce - Regular
New -77 %
B.Com or Bachelor of commerce is a 3 years undergraduate programme, It is both in regular as well as distance education mode. It is the second most popular programme in the commerce field.In this course, candidates are taught subjects related to commerce and finance. In the three-year duration, the ..
₹10,817 ₹47,200
Ex Tax:₹9,167
B LIB - bachelor of library science
New -58 %
B.A - Bachelor of Arts
New -64 %
3 year..
₹10,817 ₹30,090
Ex Tax:₹9,167
B.ed - Bachelor of Education
New -64 %
Duration - 2 yearEligibility - Graduation..
₹10,817 ₹30,090
Ex Tax:₹9,167
B.J - Bachelor of Journalism
New -53 %
Duration - 1 yearEligibility - Graduation..
₹25,960 ₹55,224
Ex Tax:₹22,000
B.Sc. Biology
New -60 %
Duration - 3 yearEligibility - 10 + 2..
₹11,997 ₹30,090
Ex Tax:₹10,167
B.Sc. Computer Science
New -49 %
Duration - 3 YearEligibility - 10 + 2..
₹15,537 ₹30,208
Ex Tax:₹13,167
BBA - Business administration
New -51 %
3 year..
₹15,537 ₹31,624
Ex Tax:₹13,167
BCA - Bachelor in Computer Application
New -48 %
BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is a 3-year graduate degree course that deals in basics of computer applications. The course eligibility is 10+2 from a recognized board with minimum aggregate marks as per the institutes’ requirement...
₹15,537 ₹30,090
Ex Tax:₹13,167
BCH - Basic Computer Hardware
-39 %
Learning computers has become an essential part of living these days. This is because technology is used in almost every aspect of living. One needs computers in all fields. Therefore, the demand for professionals who are fluent with working with computers is also on the rise. Since computers are u..
₹1,829 ₹3,003
Ex Tax:₹1,550
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