Report Writing

There is no set report writing format. However, there are general sections that should be included. Following is information on the format of a report and here


There are some examples -

1. Write a report on a road accident that happened at the dead of night in which a seventeen year-old teenager lost his life.


Teenager Died in Road Accident

New Delhi, Sept. 3, 2012: In a bizarre incident, a seventeen year-old Kalkaji teenager is dead after being involved in a car accident yesterday mid night. The teenager, Mohan Pandey, was a passenger in a car driven by Sanjeev Pradhan, 19 of Hamdard Nagar. Police say Pradhan was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. Neither Pradhan nor a second passenger was hurt.

On Saturday, September 3 at 1.10 a.m., a Delhi Traffic Patrol Squad responded to the scene of a motor vehicle crash near Okhla flyover. Officers determined that a Maruti Swift was travelling towards Nehru Place and the driver lost control of the vehicle. The car left the roadway after crossing the flyover and struck the edge of a driveway becoming airborne, then slid across the roadway and come to rest above the pavement. Police say speed was a factor. Pradhan was found by police to be under the influence of alcohol. He was charged with homicide-by-motor-vehicle while under the influence in addition to ten other charges including driving under the influence and failure to reduce speed to avoid collision.

Question - 1 You are a reporter with The Hindustan Times. Frame a report on the joint population census being conducted by India and Bangladesh across the LOC.


Question - 2 You are Rajesh Shingvi and a reporter with The Telegraph. Write a report on the kidnapper who abducted his neighbour's son recently, and confessed to get inspiration from unsolved cases in the media to commit the crime.