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What is Computer

A Computer is an electronic device that can perform a variety of task or operations in accordance with a set of instructions called program.

Computer can access and process data millions of times faster than human can. A computer can store data and information in its memory, process them and produce the desired results. Computer can do a lot of different tasks such as playing games, railway reservation, weather forecasting, error detection and controlling the flight of a space aircraft etc.

A computer is used essentially as a data processor. The terms data and information are very commonly used. You must clearly understand the difference between the two.

Data – Data in computer terminology mean raw facts and figures. For example, ‘Mohan’, 1977, ‘A’, - 162.19, +752 are data. Data are processed to form information.

Information – it means what we get after processing data (meaningful data). Data are aggregated and summarized in various meaningful ways to form information. For example, ‘Mohan, whose roll number is 1977, has got grade A’ is an information as it is conveying some meaning.

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