How To Get DCA Certificate Online and Verify it For Government Jobs

Thinking, Getting an Online DCA Certificate is hard? NOT AT ALL

Let me tell you why?

You might have found many institutes providing DCA courses and their certificate, but it takes a lot of time to have a certificate in the hand, and also the certificate you have got from is become valueless because the institution is not recognized and approved by the government of India.

And It is very important to have a valid and approved certificate from the institute or an organization. So, that you can showcase your certificate for the govt jobs you are applying for.

Now, the questions come here how to get it?

How To Get This?

Let me tell you, getting an online DCA Certificate is very easy, You can have the certificate as soon as you buy the course and complete an online examination on the official website of Acme Collins School. You can also have a look at the complete process of getting a certificate for any course.

A certificate or Diploma is generally required for govt job vacancies. So, If you are going to apply for government jobs or even private, you can use the DCA course certificate. It is a useful course for govt jobs and also provides value to your resume.

You can finish this as soon as you buy the course and take an online exam of the course. as you get qualified, you are able to download your certificate from your account.

It’s the best option for you because you don’t want to spend time on offline coaching classes or institutes. So get a certificate by knowing the process of taking an exam.

DCA Certificate

What Things you will be learning in this course

Let’s see the syllabus part here, You can skip to the video if you are a good listener or you can remain on the text, whatever feels fit to you. Anyways, The whole course syllabus is in video format.

if you already have information about the topics you are going to learn in this course. Well, then you can skip this video too.

Note:- There is not any need to finish the whole course, It is not compulsory. If you are excellent at the topics that are available in the course. You can skip and attempt exams directly.

How To Receive Certificate, After completion of the course?

When you successfully complete a course and download an e-copy (Electronic Copy) of the certificate from your account. Then, You are required to fill up a form to get the certificate hard copy to your registered address. As soon as we receive a request regarding the hard copy of the certification, We immediately process the certificate to the courier partner to make your certificate couriered.

Generally, our certificate reaches your registered address within 7 working days or before.

Note:- It may take 1 or 2 days extra, depending on the courier service you have in your area.

Steps To Download The DCA Certificate Online

  1. Log in to your account with the Email ID and Password you have created at the time of registration and buying a DCA Course.
  2. Click on “My Courses“.
  3. At the bottom of the course catalogue, You will see two options first “Start Learning” and Second “Certificate“.
    DCA Certificate Download
  4. You have to click on the “Certificate” option in order to download the certificate.

How to verify our DCA certificate online?

When you receive your certificate or download a soft copy, You get a QR code at the down of the certificate.

You just need to get a device that has a scanner, it can be your phone or anything. Tap on the scanning option and scan the code, and you’ll be automatically redirected to the verification page. Where you can simply tap on the “Submit” button.

As you hit submit, you’ll see details of certificate verification. For example, check below

Verify your certificate

If you have already completed a course from here. Verify your certificate now

Check, How Government Verify our course certificate?

Government Department or an organization where you are going to apply for a job, verify the certificate through their systematic process. It is a legit process of verification.

Just for your confirmation, There is a certificate and verification letter from the govt department attached, and we have successfully confirmed that and sent it back to the department for acceptance.

Click here

So, What does it mean?

It means, the certificate you buy from us, are legit. It can be used both in govt and private sector.

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