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Acme Collins School also is known as Vee Acme Collins School OPC Private Limited (CIN NO - U80902DL2019OPC349244). It is an organization with Government Certifications registered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under the Indian Company Act 2013.

Acme Collins School was founded in 2015 as a learning Platform under the KK Education Society (the parent organization) which is registered under Section Act 21, 1860. Located in North Delhi near Yamuna Biodiversity Park, the company is registered under Vee Acme Collins School OPC Private limited. It is one of the leading Learning platforms for technical or Non-technical courses.

Courses to enhance the skill set of individuals

Government Certifications

We offer job-oriented courses as on certificate, diploma, and short term courses along with many online-based programs. These programs also include digital marketing, web designing, and technical advancements in computer-based courses.

Here, the method of delivery is solely based on professional conduct. In a world that runs on technology, being a computer operator, or having enhanced knowledge in Microsoft office will surely enhance students’ knowledge.

A way to better education for the underprivileged

The company strives to use its Government certifications for quality performance. That is, for addressing even the remote parts of society. We do so by providing financial aids in the form of training, education, and skilling of youths in the field of online courses. The industrial sector today has seen a lot of advancements. With technologies like AI and Cloud Computing, all the sectors have changed their functioning. Therefore, acquiring Government certifications in the career’s related field has become a necessity.

Our vision

Alongside the usual paid certified courses, We have the vision to reach the deprived sections of society. There are courses with financial aids allowed, which comprise of basic computer knowledge. These are included to provide one with an understanding of the basic skills required to excel in today's times. There are plenty of job-oriented courses as well, which can add up great value to one's resume because of the Government Certification.

KK Education Society: A prestigious organization

KK Education Society is an organization and is one of the leading forerunners in providing quality education. Society has been continuing its work in the educational sector for decades. They have provided future to thousands of qualified students. The students under them mostly fall in the underprivileged category. KK Education Society is an organization that has helped such students evolve into a technically knowledgeable population

Value of certified courses in the industry

With such a competitive market in existence, it is essential to stand out and make a place for yourself in the job sector. Therefore, to highlight yourself and be better than the ordinary crowd, having specialized knowledge in the field of computers has become a necessity. Govt. certification courses are valued on the resume as they are solid proof that the candidate is technically sound. And, being technically well-qualified is essential in today's industry.

Acme Collins School is a company that realized the need for certified courses in today's times. Thus, we decided to provide our assistance in making the generation more skilled when it comes to technology and the use of computers. Moreover, we, at Acme Collins School, provide courses that are not just specific to the IT sector. There are a number of basic courses as well, which are general and ideal for other sectors of the industry too. Call us today to know more about the various courses and the certification we provide.