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Enrolling in a course is a simple and quick process! All you have to do is scroll through the different online courses that we offer. You can read about the specifications for the courses by clicking on them.

There are several featured courses available all times. You can register yourself with one or more than one courses at any time. There is a wide variety of Govt. approved certifications and courses available.

Follow these steps to buy the course:

Step 1 -  Visit the official website acmecollinsschool.com

Step 2 - Login your account with the credentials (Email ID and Password) you have made at the time of registration (If you have not created an account, Please navigate to how to create an account)

Step 3 - Navigate to the Search option that is available to the top of the website and search for your course ( For example, In this we have taken DCA as our Search Term )

Step 4 - Click on the search result, You may see the course name while typing some of the letter of your course name ( In this we have typed DCA )

Step 5 - Navigate to the course page and have information about your course like its syllabus and duration and fees.

Step 6 - If you are satisfied with the information you have gone through, Then it is time to buy a course now.

Step 7 - Click on Buy Now and you will be navigated to checkout page.

Step 8 - Select your billing details like if you want to use your current billing details or you want to add new.

Step 9 - Select your favorite payment method and click on the check box of terms and conditions, then click on "Continue"

Step 10 - Look your final course information such as total fees that need to be paid and click on Pay Now.

These are the steps that need be taken while buying a course, you can also watch a video as it is step by step guide and it will help you to buy a course.