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Process To Get Certificate

Getting a certificate now becomes very easy. You just have to buy a course for the certification you are looking for and then complete an online exam of the course. Finally, you will get a certificate for the particular course you have chosen.

Steps To Get a Certificate

Step 1 - Register Your Account (Watch a complete tutorial or step by step guide on How to Create an Account)

Step 2 - Select the course that you are looking for.

Step 3 - Buy it.

Step 4 - Access Study Material If you wish so, otherwise you have option to take exam directly from your dashboard (Watch a complete tutorial on How to take exam) *.

Step 5 - Take an Online Exam

Step 6 - Score Minimum 50% Marks in the exam.

Step 7 - Download Your Certificate

*Note: - Taking exam directly is not recommended for users/candidates/students who has not any prerequisite knowledge for the course they have opted. It is highly recommended to those users/candidates/students to go through the study material of the course before taking an exam.

If you are a registered users/candidates/students at Acme Collins School and have completed course and want to download the certificate. Please navigate to the following steps

Step 1 - Login to your account

Step 2 - Click on "My Course"

Step 3 - Click on "Download Certificate".

*Note: - You can use this soft copy anywhere in the private or government sector until you receive the hard copy.