The Future of Visual Basic

So, visual basic is a programming language that is introduced by Microsoft. And it is a family program and it is only from Microsoft. The visual classic is also visual basic. It is a third-generation or period for this programming language. The visual basic is very easy and learn. It enables rapid use of applications. And it is also derived from BASIC. So, the visual basic works with databases, applications, and other graphic users. You can create programs with visual basic. You also can have basic programs and other components of visual basic. Visual basic is very easy to use and control. The community users have a third party. They use this system for developing programs. Visual basic provides all the tools and options to create a program. visual basic is a system and it also has various helpful components. The visual basic can create for windows too.

Microsoft stops all the old versions. It brings new functions and properties every time. Visual basic uses scripting language. It allows you to create programs and other web pages.

Language features

Visual basic has a simple language. In fact, like other programming languages, visual basic also has a simple and basic language. They have an easy learning angle. Then, you can create simple and difficult web pages. Visual basic gives you very easy and simple tools. It is easy to learn. And, it allows you to control, form, and chose the options on your own. Moreover, you can create programs without writing much code. Codes can be less. You can work easily with a faster system. Visual basic with the old version works a little slow. But, in fact, if you have a faster computer it will work smoothly.

How VB is used?

Visual Basic is used in many ways around. It is useful for many users across the globe. Lets us discuss the usage of visual basics for different users.

For normal users

For normal users like us, visual basic is really helpful. So, the applications like MS office and other applications. Then, this all connects with visual basic. Spreadsheets and other operations. In fact, word office, and other writing stuff are all connected to visual basic. Moreover, accounting is also a part of the visual basic system. Entries and other balance sheets can help users to work easily.

For computer professionals

Computer users have a lot of experience. So, they know all complex and other hard system knowledge. Moreover, they work with different programming languages. They also coding and building projects. In fact, also know about running applications and working in deep technology. They also design specific languages.

For organizations

So, the visual basic can work outside Microsoft. It uses the technology of COM. Then, it allows visual basics to work outside the Microsoft system. Organizations and other companies have a huge amount of information. It allows them to work in larger quantities. Then, the visual basic has good raw materials. It has easy tools and functions. It can be controlled easily. Excel is used in huge amounts. Users can have easy access to everything.

Does visual basic have any future?

Basically visual basic is a language that allowed us to reach windows. In the latest news, Microsoft plans to drop visual basic. They say it has no future. So, basically, the developers created versions. They thought it might go to some extent. But, it never did. So, they are deciding to drop it. In this technological world, there are new techs coming up. The new system has outcasted visual basic. It is an old system with many improved versions. Visual basic has nice language but it is not so good with a universal language. It had a pace with the up to date, but it didn’t go right. The visual basic NET was replacing with the NET core. And indeed it is a good system with higher value.

VB is over, not dead

Visual basic is not dead, as it will e supported by Microsoft. As it had new languages, but it will not add any more languages to it. The developers have to think about the bigger picture. Everything is evolving right now. Everything is changing. Microsoft has a plan to move forward with visual basics and also not to.

Going forward with VB

If you plan to create web pages or anything using visual basic it will be supported. The users can still use it. So, it won’t support languages. You won’t get any updates for the system. The version will remain the same as earlier. The applications will be supportive and it will always support the applications. As earlier the users can use the system as they did earlier.

Not going forward with VB

So, adding new functions and features will make it tough. The users won’t be able to understand. The new language will be hard to get, and it is way more to learn. As in fact, every language does not need new features. It is a business decision made on with a lot of data and information. As things may change in the future. And users may not require visual basics anymore. They will find some other system better than visual basic.

Moreover, things are created every day and things are adopted every day. Older things are not used as it was used earlier. Visual basic is not dead but it is not in use as it was earlier. It won’t have any new features or language updates.