AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the most widely used platform to lower costs and create new things at a faster pace.

It is a broadly adopted cloud computing platform which has the most comprehensive fully-featured services from data centers globally.

AWS is also the main profit driver for Amazon .It provides many services with optimum features for it’s users.

What is AWS

It has a large and dynamic customer web of tens of thousands of partners online where they are running each and every imaginable case on AWS whether they are a new startup, an enterprise or a public sector organization, of each and every size.

About AWS

AWS has many widespread services and many features and many more services than any. From infrastructural technologies like compute, storage, security, governance, and database to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data management, and the internet of things.

All of these features help in providing an easier, faster, and cheaper means to upload your application and data on clouds and create anything you desire from your imagination.

What is Cloud Computing ?

It is a type of on demand service which delivers IT resources over the internet. Instead of buying, owning and maintaining physical data centers, access to technology services such as databases, computing power and storage on an as needed basis.

Cloud Computing
Many organizations of different type and size of industries use cloud for a wide variety of purposes such as

  • software development and testing
  • big data analytics
  • data backup
  • disaster recovery
  • virtual desktops

And many more for which it may suffice. For example by video game developer, they use the cloud to develop and deliver games to millions of people, and also by financial service companies to increase sensitivity of real time fraud detection and prevention .


Even if AWS is one of the most widely used cloud platforms, there are different types of people and there different needs .These different needs, need to be catered to and that is what helps in creating a clear line between it’s pros and cons.


  • Helps in choosing the right tools for the task which even provides more features in-depth.
  •  It has a very well known wide variety of different databases already purposefully built for different types of applications.
  • Has leverage of latest technology so that the users can try each out and innovate more quality product whether it be new technology or a software application with less amount of time.


With the help of AWS, some special services were developed which each have a specific purpose. Some of these are :

  • AWS Sagemaker: it is a fully managed machine learning service that supports and empowers everyday researchers and scientists to use tools to build and deploy Machine learning models even If they have no experience in doing so at any scale.
  •  AWS Athena: it is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data using standard SQL. Athena is serverless so there is no infrastructure to manage. It uses an approach known as schema-on-read, which allows you to project your schema onto your data at the time you execute a query.
  •  AWS Lambda: it is a serverless computer service that developers can run their codes and manages all the required compute resources for you.


  • If you are a data scientists and not a developer then you need more variety and complex services of various shapes and sizes. Here, Amazon has taken a simpler approach as a data scientist would require more options for complex and higher math options, this would not be the best option.
  •  If you want to analyze videos that is why a particular video is more compelling then one would benefit from features like speech to text, natural language understanding and tone analyzer. Up to date there are other platform which are better than choosing AWS for this purpose.
  • Cryptocurrencies are complex and full of experimentation, if one were to record there business transactions virtually with security and an authentic seal then there are many platforms which can go head to head or even perform better in this case .

It all comes down to your requirements and intentions. With your motives in clear view or if you are a beginner than AWS might be one of the best platforms for you to use.If required one can apply for a course to learn AWS as well.