What is The Basic Computer Course and Its Uses in this Society

Along with studies, the computer or The Basic Computer Course has become very imparted in our life too. Day-to-day computer usage is increasing. Due to this, the computer is being used in small work too. From the computer, we make any work very quickly.

What is Basic Computer Course

Basic Computer Course contains various applications to learn like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Internet.

This is a beginner’s level course and can be done by students who have a very basic understanding of English or no knowledge of computer.

if you guys want to have knowledge in basic computer course, you can opt this course, this will teach you from the very basic and will help you to make your skills better. So, that you can learn advanced things in computer in a better way.

Uses of Computer in This Society

  • Big Store Mall
  • Company
  • Organization
  • Hospital
  • Schools
  • College etc.

Big Store Mall

You always have seen people in the mall they use computer for billing, actually its make their work fast, Just imagine if they work without computer how long they have to work to complete the accounting or billing task in one day. We can not imagine this and can not have any idea about this. So, therefore it is required to have computer in such big place so that work can be done easily.


It also a big place and so required computer for this place to make work ease with peace. There are thousands of work available at one, that needs to be completed as soon as possible and without having computer we cannot do that work with so ease.


As organization is large place of work where lots of people work with different department. each department is divided with its own set of work.

Whether to say a small organization or large one both required computer to solve the problem or make the work easy. As we need computer to solve the problem in the same manner we are required to have people with such great knowledge so that they can work with such an excellent way in order to solve the issue or make the work easier.


It has the calculation of beds available, Medicine, staffs etc. all the details related to the hospital is kept in the computer or computer programme even the sensitive one, so that if anyone in their staff need information about the medicine or other can have details about the same. they can also check the no of beds that are available at the hospital. It helps to the common people to know that the beds are available at hospital or not.


It kept data of students, their marks, Result, personal details, family details and so on. Therefore, they need computer to store these information.


It is bit similar like school but it is a next level of education. Students who pass out 12th grade, admit in the college programme such as BA, B.com and so on. They also need to keep information about their students. That’s why required computer.

The computer is used to do many tasks like playing games to paying bills and maintaining accounts in the company. It depends on us, How we take uses of the computer to do a task. like for example, if there is a school, then the school must be using a computer for storing students data and for teaching

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