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C and C++

C and C++
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C and C++
Benefits of Certification:- Government Certification, Job Credibility, Certification Valid for Life, Lifelong E-Learning Access

How it works:- Select Course-->Buy-->Get E Learning Access (LMS)-->Take Exam-->Get Certification.
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Mode of Exam - Online
Passing Marks:- 50%
Certificate of Completion:- Available
Note:- No Negative Marking in the Exam
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C and C++ are the two most popular programming programs there are in the world right now and most of the world runs on these two programs and that’s a solid fact. Most people aren’t even aware that they use devices that use these two programs extensively and that what gives you an advantage in learning c and c++ from us.

While most of the people don’t even know the basics of these programs, you will learn a lot about them and master them in minimum time. Our course for C and C++ is designed for 8 weeks time period. Programming is the language of the future and the faster you learn it, the faster you make a hold on the future.

The time when you learn to program, you will start to think in abstract and more accurate ways and feel the difference in yourself. You will become a creator when you start learning to program and become a master programmer. With our specialized course on C and C++, you will learn with us how to write your programs in these two programs according to the requirement and even your imagination and needs.

You will also have a strong fundamental knowledge of them to make sure you get the basic information needed to command the programs at your fingertips. Not only these, once you gain mastery over these subjects, but you will also easily be able to understand any program written in C or C++ and take command of it if the need arrives.

This diploma course in two programming languages will help you establish a career path in the programming world. In this course, you will gain proficiency with all the essential things of c and c++ even without any basic knowledge and will level up to cutting edge projects and programs. Also, we will make sure that every single point is disclosed with model projects to comprehend the ideas better.

There are numerous handy models in this course waiting for you to try your hands on. You will learn the course by practicing programs of variant levels and expertise. So, enroll now and make your jump in the programming world.

Maximum Duration8 Weeks

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