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ASP.Net with VB
-72 %
Why Should I Take This Certification?ASP.Net or Active Server Pages is a server-side technology and it is used for developing the website, you can use it with Visual basic, C#, JavaScript, and J# to develop the website. It is basically divided into two parts first is known as ASP which is a serve..
₹4,130 ₹14,514
Ex Tax:₹3,500
C and C++
-76 %
C and C++ are the two most popular programming programs there are in the world right now and most of the world runs on these two programs and that’s a solid fact. Most people aren’t even aware that they use devices that use these two programs extensively and that what gives you an advantage in learn..
₹4,248 ₹17,818
Ex Tax:₹3,600
CCNA Routing and Switching
-76 %
Many market researchers and global employers have pointed out the fact that the skill gap in general networking is getting low but on the other hand, the skill gap in specialized network-related technology like security, wireless, and even data cloud is growing day by day. Taking all that in the acc..
₹7,316 ₹30,326
Ex Tax:₹6,200
Certificate in Big Data and Hadoop
-71 %
Big data is a branch of information technology that handles how to analyze, adequately extract information, and operate with gigantic data sets that are too tough to be studied in any traditional system or with traditional knowledge. And the best software to do that is with Hadoop. People all over t..
₹4,720 ₹16,520
Ex Tax:₹4,000
Certificate in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
-62 %
Certificate in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHPDuration - 6 weeks..
₹3,540 ₹9,251
Ex Tax:₹3,000
Certificate in Web Designing
-74 %
Do you ever surf around different webpages thinking about how your preferred sites were built in the first place? Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon—they all were completely made by individuals who at one point in time knew nothing about coding. How could they get this information? They got the requ..
₹4,720 ₹18,172
Ex Tax:₹4,000
Certificate Programme in ASP.NET
-73 %
ASP.NET was created by Microsoft and it is an open-source web framework, which means it’s totally free to use and profit from for the best of your capabilities. It is continuously used for constructing modern-day web apps that are eye-catching yet easy to operate. The biggest feature of .NET is ..
₹4,720 ₹17,700
Ex Tax:₹4,000
Certified Android Apps Developer
-90 %
This course is designed, keeping the rapid digitalization in mind, to show the individuals how to begin making applications in Android, just as for high profile professional developers to become familiar with a portion of the necessary highlights accessible in developing an easy to use, yet incredib..
₹4,130 ₹41,772
Ex Tax:₹3,500
Core Java
-83 %
Figure out how to make answers for modern-day issues in the java language, the language of programming. Our certificate course covers the necessary parts of the core java. On the fulfillment of this course, you will have all the fundamental information needed to make a useful, productive, and error-..
₹4,130 ₹23,600
Ex Tax:₹3,500
Diploma in Web Designing
-76 %
-80 %
J2EEDuration - 6 weeks..
₹4,130 ₹20,886
Ex Tax:₹3,500
Programming through C
-70 %
Programming through CDuration - 6 weeks..
₹3,540 ₹11,800
Ex Tax:₹3,000
Programming Through C++
-80 %
Programming Through C++Duration - 6 weeks..
₹4,130 ₹21,004
Ex Tax:₹3,500
Programming Through Python
-79 %
Programming Through PythonDuration - 6 weeks..
₹4,720 ₹22,184
Ex Tax:₹4,000
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