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Education is considered to be a vital part of everyone's lives in this era. The need to education prevailed long back, and the medium of imparting education was different back then. However, in this world of technology, things have changed. The generation today is more advanced and is capable of something much higher. The intelligence level might be the same, but the avenues available for them have been enhanced. Thus, contributing to the evolution of the world of education. Nowadays, you will find students looking for different job certifications, online basic computer courses, and much more. 

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Online certification courses experience a boom

The times today have changed and are much advanced now. The reasons for this are quite simple. Here are a few very significant ones-

⦁    The advent of the Internet and technology.

⦁    Education is the basic key to survive today.

⦁    Awareness among people to achieve more in educational prospects.

⦁    Demands of developing countries include high qualifications, degrees, job certificates, etc.

⦁    Knowledge considered to be a vital element is considering an individual’s progress.

⦁    Better earning opportunities.

Computers and Internet: A necessity for all

Gone are the days when learning and using computers and its related technologies was of relevance only to those pursuing a degree in this field. Today, the use of computers can be seen in almost every field existing in the market.

Thus, it has become quite necessary for all to have knowledge about computers and several technologies on the Internet. While there are some specializations which are needed only by those directly associated with the field of Computers or Technology, there are quite a few which are very generalized and only boost up other fields positively.

There are many best computer courses for jobs, short term computer courses, and other certificate courses that are available much easier on the Internet itself. This has made it easier for people to get access to these courses. 

The need for computers and automation is very much evident now. Thus, to assist those looking for Govt. Computer Institute or any kind of Govt. approved certification don’t have to get much troubled. They can now get access to all these things and courses without any hassles on Acme Collins School.


BCC - Basic Computer Course

BCC - Basic Computer Course

How To Buy This Course?Please watch the video, It will help you to understand the process of buying&..

₹1,530 ₹2,545 Ex Tax: ₹1,530

CCA - Certificate in Computer Application

CCA - Certificate in Computer Application

CCA - Certificate in Computer Application (4 Month)Computers and its related applications have been ..

₹1,750 ₹2,675 Ex Tax: ₹1,750

DCA - Diploma in Computer Application

DCA - Diploma in Computer Application

Diploma in Computer Application ( 6 Month )DCA or simply put Diploma in Computer Application is the ..

₹3,500 ₹10,000 Ex Tax: ₹3,500

DCH - Diploma in Computer Hardware

DCH - Diploma in Computer Hardware

DCH - Diploma in Computer Hardware (6 Month)Computers make their presence felt in almost every fiel..

₹3,499 ₹4,000 Ex Tax: ₹3,499

Obtaining a Government Certification is now much simpler and quicker!

Those who are in search of any kind of Government Certification don't have to commute or spend extra hours to gain one physically. They can simply pick the course(s) of their choice on our website and take their step towards better learning. We offer the best computer courses for the job, several job certifications, online computer courses with certificates, long term as well as short term courses and much more! All these computer courses can be availed at your convenience, in your homes itself! There is no need for you to travel to a physical institution to attain any degree course qualification or any kind of job certification. Acme Collins School has made it simplified for you.

How to take up courses?

Enrolling for a course on our website is a highly simple and quick process! All you have to do is scroll through the different online courses that we offer on our website. You can read about the specifications for the courses by clicking on them.

There are several featured computer courses available on our site at all times. You can register yourself with one or more than one course at any time. There is a wide variety of Govt. approved certifications and degree courses available.

Steps To Get Online Diploma or Certificate

  • Buy a course
  • Receive login credentials
  • Complete an online assessment
  • Receive a Diploma in soft copy on your dashboard.
  • Original Diploma will be couriered at your registered address

How is the pricing of courses?

Acme Collins School is very thoughtful of the need and right to education of every individual and its importance in developing countries like India. Thus, the online courses that we offer are fairly priced and very much affordable by individuals.

There are no free courses available on the site at present. However, for those who are unable to afford or pay for the courses that we offer, there is another way.


BCH - Basic Computer Hardware

BCH - Basic Computer Hardware

Basic Computer Hardware ( 3 Months ) Why should we learn about the parts of the computer? I know th..

₹1,550 ₹2,545 Ex Tax: ₹1,550

Master Diploma in Computer Application

Master Diploma in Computer Application

MDCA - Master Diploma in Computer Application (1- 1.5 Year)Master Diploma In Computer Information&nb..

₹5,876 ₹15,876 Ex Tax: ₹5,876

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application

ADCA - Advanced Diploma in Computer Application (1 Year)This is a 12 months long computer cours..

₹4,899 ₹10,000 Ex Tax: ₹4,899

Financial Accounting using Tally

Financial Accounting using Tally

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING COURSE ( 4 Week )INTRODUCTION Building a career in the field of accountancy is ..

₹5,100 Ex Tax: ₹5,000

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is a popular image editing software that provides a work environment consistent w..

₹3,570 ₹15,750 Ex Tax: ₹3,570

CCH - Certificate in Computer Hardware

CCH - Certificate in Computer Hardware

CCH - Certificate in Computer Hardware (3 Months)At Acme Collins, we have been a premier institutio..

₹1,640 ₹3,740 Ex Tax: ₹1,640

CCC - Course on Computer Concepts

CCC - Course on Computer Concepts

Introduction:  This course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy programme..

₹4,199 ₹8,600 Ex Tax: ₹4,099

Tally Kaushal Praman Patra

Tally Kaushal Praman Patra

Candidate who is interested in Tally and wants to pursue it as career choice can opt for this course..

₹1,200 ₹4,900 Ex Tax: ₹1,200

About Financial Aid and Why We are the Ideal Choice of Everyone

Financial service aid

Individuals who wish to take up certain courses but are unable to pay for the same can apply for a financial aid service available on our website. This is of great help as those who can't afford the courses can now seek help and fulfill their needs and wishes of completing any of our online basic computer courses.  

However, for the Degrees Program, financial aid service facility is not available.

What makes Acme Collins School the ideal choice?

We are an institute that is registered and approved by the Govt. of India. Thus, the computer course certificates, as well as the job certificates that we offer, are completely legal and very helpful. We have plenty of individuals of different age groups who have enrolled themselves in a variety of our courses and many who have happily completed their certification courses as well. In fact, there are multiple individuals who have gotten great jobs after completing the courses that we offer on our website.

Moreover, all the courses that you sign up for will be available at your ease at your place of stay itself. You can either choose to full-fledged complete the course or, manage it alongside your other education or jobs.

The courses that we offer are made available on the site with a certain vision and thought process. We wish to see the nation progress with better, literate individuals who are more capable of competing with the other individuals.

All the courses that are offered on Acme Collins School are completely authorized and genuine — being govt. Approved, you can be certain that the courses we are offering and the rates that we are charging are completely legit. Each course has a different duration of completion, depending on the curriculum and depth of knowledge in the course. The courses, once completed, are sure to boost your career as you would have an extra certification to put on your resume and have better knowledge in the field you opt for.

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