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Online Master's and Bachelor Degree Programs For International Students Only

Note:- We Provide Master's and Bachelor Degree Programs in Distance Mode Only

B COM - Bachelor of Commerce
-25 %
B.Com or Bachelor of commerce is a 3 years undergraduate programme, It is both in regular as well as distance education mode. It is the second most popular programme in the commerce field.In this course, candidates are taught subjects related to commerce and finance. In the three-year duration, the ..
₹35,400 ₹47,200
Ex Tax:₹30,000
B.A - Bachelor of Arts
-56 %
Enrol in our Bachelor of Arts Degree program, which is one of the affordable and government authorized degree and certificate courses provider. Learn your communication, creative thinking, and more during this course. this is a 3 years degree program for the students who want to do a BA online with ..
₹23,600 ₹53,100
Ex Tax:₹20,000
Bachelor in Hotel Management
-44 %
In this specialization, Bachelor in Hotel Management you will enhance your communication skills, personality, and much more. That needed to have in a professional for this sector. It covers basics to advance topics of Hotel Management as it's a degree course.Why do Degree course in Hotel Manage..
₹49,560 ₹89,090
Ex Tax:₹42,000
Bachelor of Arts - Economics
-41 %
The degree course, BA in Economics is a 3 years course. Which is designed in such a way that you will understand, and enhance your skills in economics. We have covered all the essential, and wide range of topics that are taught in top-class universities. This is an online Bachelor of Arts in Economi..
₹35,400 ₹59,944
Ex Tax:₹30,000
Bachelor of Arts - English
-41 %
Bachelor of Arts English is 3 years undergraduate degree course focusing on English ad humanities. BA English is an online specialization that is designed to provide quality knowledge of English literature, and other core concepts. This program offers you in-depth information on English grammar, cri..
₹35,400 ₹59,944
Ex Tax:₹30,000
Bachelor of Arts - History
-41 %
Bachelor of Arts-history is  3 years online undergraduate course provided by Acme Collins School. In BA in history undergraduate program, you will learn about human civilization from origin to present, major global, and Indian events. And, you will know about the culture, society, and factors t..
₹35,400 ₹59,944
Ex Tax:₹30,000
Bachelor of Arts - Political Science
-41 %
Bachelor of arts political science is an online degree program. The duration of this undergraduate program is 3 years. BA political degree course allows you to learn various aspects related to politics. Like political system, public administration, procedure and policies of government authorities, a..
₹35,400 ₹59,944
Ex Tax:₹30,000
Bachelor of Arts - Psychology
-41 %
The program Bachelor in Arts psychology is an undergraduate 3 years degree course. The students who want want to learn more about the human mind, behavior, health, personality, dealing with humans in different situations then should go for BA in psychology. In this course, you will mainly learn abou..
₹35,400 ₹59,944
Ex Tax:₹30,000
Bachelor of Arts Sociology
-41 %
Do you want to pursue a degree in sociology?  If yes, then you are at the right place to take our online bachelor of Arts in sociology degree program curated by experts with quality and essential information. This degree program will develop your understanding of human nature, social-economic i..
₹35,400 ₹59,944
Ex Tax:₹30,000
Bachelor of Business Administration
-44 %
Bachelor of business administration or BBA is an online undergraduate course. In which students will get online virtual classes from experts and receive a degree of completion. In this online business administration course, you will learn essential business aspects. Like teamwork and management, acc..
₹47,790 ₹85,904
Ex Tax:₹40,500
Bachelor of Computer Application
-40 %
BCA degree course refers to bachelor in computer applications. If you want to make your career in the field of computer applications by gaining knowledge of C programming language, JAVA, database management, web programming, and more then you should look for BCA. Nowadays online BCA, or bachelor in ..
₹49,560 ₹83,190
Ex Tax:₹42,000
Bachelor of Library Science
-52 %
Bachelor of library science is an online degree course for 1 year. BLib program is designed to teach students about basic concepts of library science to documentation and managing books or extra material in the library. This bachelor of library science degree online is suitable for those candidates ..
₹23,010 ₹47,790
Ex Tax:₹19,500
Bachelor of Science - Agriculture
-30 %
Bachelor in Science- Agriculture is a degree program in the specialization of agriculture. In this undergraduate course, you will be taught about agriculture science and its effectiveness in modern agriculture and methods with pieces of equipment. As the Indian economy is mainly involved in agricult..
₹189,390 ₹271,400
Ex Tax:₹160,500
Bachelor of Science - Biology
-49 %
Bachelor of Science - Botany
-47 %
BSc in botany or bachelor of science in botany is 3-years online undergraduate program. As the study of botany changing our surroundings by helping in growing and understanding plants. In the botany online degree program, you will learn about different kinds of a living organism, as like fungi and b..
₹37,760 ₹71,390
Ex Tax:₹32,000
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