PGDCA Certificate – How To Buy and Get Certification

What is PGDCA?

PGDCA Certificate is an online post-graduate diploma course in computer application with a duration of 1 year. It is a course which is provided by many universities or govt-aided Institution.

PGDCA Course

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) It is an online course for graduate level students, however if you are not one of them or not graduated yet, still you can avail this course certificate while following these process below.

4 Easiest Steps To Have PGDCA Course Certificate

Step 1 – Buy PGDCA Course

Step 2 – Login your Account

Step 3 – Take Your Exam

Step 4 – Download Your Certificate and have govt PGDCA certificate

Please note that this certificate is verified and acceptable in government department or further study. To know its authenticity, you can also navigate to the recognition section of Acme Collins School.

PGDCA Syllabus

This course comes with 7 Modules and each module is well-defined and can be understood by anyone who has a basic understanding of English. The Topics, You are going to learn here at this course are

1. Computer Fundamental

In this module, you will study basics of computer, history of computer, generation of computer etc. This module will get you familiarise with the computer and its technology, and help you to learn further concepts of computer.

2. Database

Here at this you will get to know what database is and its basic function. Along with that you will also study the basic database query with its depth knowledge.

3. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

In this section, there are three application you will learn, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These all three are Microsoft ( Applications, and you will be taught these just because you should know these common application for office work.

4. Introduction To Multimedia

As the name suggested introduction to multimedia, It means you will study in this section about multimedia’s basic.

5. Programming With ASP.NET

  • What’s New in ASP NET
  • Stages in Web forms Processing
  • Introduction to server controls
  • HTML Control
  • Validation Control
  • Data binding Control
  • Configuration
  • Personalization
  • Session State
  • ADO .NET

6. Current Trends on Internet

You will study here Current Trends on Internet.

7. Financial Accounting

In this section, you will study a Tally ERP 9.0 Accounting Software, and will know how to create company, create ledgers, stocks items and groups etc.

You will also know how to set GST Details in Tally Application.

This is the short information about the syllabus, you will have more topics to study when you buy a course.

If you have already completed DCA – Diploma in Computer Application, It means you have completed half of the syllabus of PGDCA Course.

What is Qualification for PGDCA?

The Qualification of PGDCA course depends on the institution, There are many universities or institution who accept 10+2 pass out students only. But, who have just 8th pass out, want to learn courses in order to have extra qualification and knowledge in the computer field. Let me help you with this, you can opt this PGDCA course on Acme Collins School which accept students who have just 8th pass out, but there is little condition, student should have basic understanding of english and basic knowledge of computer.

What is the benefit of PGDCA course?

If you talked about the benefit of the course, there are many benefits that you get here, first, it is govt certified course.

Second having pgdca certification, you can apply for jobs such as web developer , web designer, computer language programmer, computer programmer , software developer , ethical hacker. Because, there are many companies which are looking for someone who has excellent knowledge of computer and the field they are prefect in.

Which is Better DCA or PGDCA?

If you are a beginner, then you should opt DCA – Diploma in Computer Application Course. Which comes in two duration first is 6 Months and second is 1 Year. You can choose the right duration course that suits your more according to your knowledge and time.

But, If you already know basics of computer, then you must buy a PGDCA Course.

How To Get PGDCA Certificate?

PGDCA Certificate course is very popular these days and many students prefer to do it because it is a 1 year online diploma course. So, be online you must think it at least once that you should have this certification.

Now, Question comes here of getting pgdca certificate. There are many ways to get pgdca certification like going through the university and attending offline classes and spend much time over studying. But, let me tell you this is quite boring and time taking.

There is another way which you can choose and can have certification. Which is, get pgdca course online, as we know that taking online course saves our time and money too. So, having this course online is quite convenient and much benefited.

The first benefit you will be getting here is government certified PGDCA Certificate course. Which is widely acceptable in our country or abroad.

Second most interesting benefit is you will have life-time access of your account. It means that you can login your account and can access the course and study it any time anywhere, your login won’t expire.

Third, If you are not happy with score you have got on the certificate, you can re-take exam in order to improve the score.

and there are more benefit you will be getting after you buy a course.


Why do you need this PGDCA Certification?

First and Important is, It is Government Certified. So, it means you can use it for govt jobs and for further study as well.

Second, having PGDCA Certificate shows the skills you have. You can share those skills with social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, etc., and even with other job platforms.

How To Buy PGDCA Course?

In this section, You will know how you can apply pgdca certificate online and how You can buy this at our official website Acme Collins School . The process is very simple, you just need to visit the website and search for the course you are going to buy, in this case “PGDCA” So, when you click on the course while going through search result, you will be on the course page. where you can see description, syllabus and price of the course. if you need in-depth information about the course, you can also check the PGDCA Syllabus

Step 1 :- Search Your Course For Certification

Step 2 :- Click on “Buy Now”

Step 3 :- If you are a New User, You need to create an Account for further process. If you are a registered user, you are required to login.

Step 4 :- After successfully login, Select your billing address and continue.

Step 5 :- Select Your Payment Method.

Step 6 :- “Pay Now” Complete Your Payment.

If you have any difficulty while buying a course, you can watch a video here


How To Download PGDCA Certificate?

It is a very common question that users ask, but, let me tell you this, in a very simple way. As you buy a course and finish an online exam of the course with qualified marks, at least 50%. You are able to download your PGDCA Certificate from the account.

So, People having confused about the PGDCA Course and its certification. You don’t need to worry about this, the certificate you are getting from Acme Collins School, is certified and approved. You can even check the recognition status here

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