PGDCA Certificate – How To Buy and Get Certification

What is PGDCA?

PGDCA Certificate is an online post-graduate diploma course in computer application with a duration of 1 year. It is a course which is provided by many universities or govt-aided Institutions. Now, Let’s talk about the course.

PGDCA Course

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA). It’s an online course for graduate-level students, however, if you are not one of them or have not graduated yet, still you can get this course certificate while following the 4 easiest steps given below.

4 Easiest Steps To Take PGDCA Course Certificate

  1. Buy PGDCA Course
  2. Login your Account
  3. Take Your Exam
  4. Download the Certificate from your account dashboard

You can also watch a helpful video on how to download a certificate for any course you complete at Acme Collins School. Now, before you go further let’s see how the PGDCA certificate looks like

pgdca certificate

Sample Certificate

Note:- All the certificates that are available here, are verified and well-approved by the government organization and also acceptable for government jobs/exams/Private Jobs or for further study. It’s authentic and trustworthy. For more information, you can check out the recognition page of Acme Collins School.

PGDCA Syllabus

There are 7 Modules in the course and each module is well-defined. You can understand each topic clearly and easily because it requires a basic understanding of English. So the topics you are going to learn through this course are :

1. Computer Fundamental

This module will get you familiarised with the computer and its technology, and help you to learn further concepts of computers.

  • Basics of Computer
  • Basics application of computer
  • History of Computer
  • Generation of Computer
  • Components of Computer
  • Input-Output devices
  • Memory Location
  • Concepts of Hardware and Software
  • Data and Information
  • Connecting Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor and also the Printer To CPU
  • Checking Power Supply

2. Database

A database is a collection of data or information that is specially organized for rapid search and retrieval of information from the computer. So let’s deep dive to learn it step by step

  • What is database
  • Purpose of database
  • Database Design
  • History of database systems
  • Relational database
  • Distributed database
  • Document-Oriented database
  • Network database and also the object-Oriented database

3. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

So here, you’re going to learn 3 Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word

  • Introduction to word
  • Open an existing document
  • Saving a document
  • Closing a document
  • Text selection
  • Editing Text
  • Find and Replace
  • Character Formatting
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Page Layout
  • Create tables and also charts, etc.

Microsoft Excel

  • Introduction To Excel
  • Working with Excel
  • Inserting a worksheet
  • Deleting a worksheet
  • Entering data into a sheet
  • Handling operators
  • functions
  • Formatting a worksheet
  • Printing worksheet
  • Working with charts
  • Integrating text into sheet
  • integrating text web pages into sheet

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint Introduction
  • Overview of File Menu
  • Creating a presentation
  • Saving a presentation
  • Working with slides
  • Adding and formatting text
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Making notes master and handouts
  • Drawing objects
  • Insert clipart and pictures
  • Working with objects
  • Designing slide show
  • Printing slides, and also many more.

4. Introduction To Multimedia

As the name suggested introduction to multimedia, it means you will study multimedia’s basics and also other topics related to it.

  • What is Multimedia
  • Elements of Multimedia
  • Medium of Multimedia
  • Components of media to digital media
  • Applications of multimedia
  • Basics of Multimedia

5. Programming With ASP.NET

  • What’s New in ASP NET
  • Stages in Webforms Processing
  • Introduction to server controls
  • HTML Control
  • Validation Control
  • Data binding Control
  • Configuration
  • Personalization
  • Session State
  • ADO .NET

6. Current Trends on the Internet

So you can see below what you are going to learn in this module.

  • Basics of Programming Language
  • Internet Phone and Working of VOIP
  • internet Video
  • Collaborative Computing
  • E-Commerce

7. Financial Accounting

You will study financial accounting and Tally ERP 9 accounting software as you can see in the list of topics. This is just the overview of the PGDCA syllabus. However, you’ll know in-depth when you buy a course.

  • Concept of Accounting
  • Download Tally ERP 9
  • Install Tally ERP 9
  • Activate Tally
  • Create company
  • Create ledgers, stock items and group
  • Set GST details
  • Record purchase and sales
  • Record payments and receipts
  • Tally shortcuts
  • Daily voucher entry
  • Financial reports
  • Printing
  • Inventory control

What is Qualification for PGDCA?

The Qualification of the PGDCA course depends on the institution, So there are many universities or institutions that accept 10+2 pass out students only. But if you just 10th pass out, and want to learn course to have extra qualification and knowledge in the computer field, how will you learn?

Let me help you with this, you can learn the PGDCA course at Acme Collins School. However, there is not any prerequisite you should be 10th pass out and basic understanding of English.

What is the benefit of the PGDCA course?

If you talked about the benefit of the course, So there are many benefits that you get here, firstly it’s govt certified course. Secondly, having PGDCA certification you can apply for jobs such as

  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • Computer language programmer
  • Computer programmer
  • Software developer
  • Ethical hacker

Because there are many companies looking for someone who has excellent knowledge of computer and the field they are perfect in.

Which is Better DCA or PGDCA?

If you are a beginner and want to enhance your knowledge in the field of computers then I would recommend you to opt for DCA – Diploma in Computer Application Course. Because it’s an amazing course and gives you a seamless experience to learn things throughout the course.

additionally, the course has two types of durations 6 months, and 1 Year. You can choose the right duration course that suits you more according to your knowledge and time.

But, If you already know the basics of computers, then you must buy a PGDCA Course.

How To Get PGDCA Certificate?

PGDCA Certificate course is very popular these days and many of you prefer to do it because it is a 1-year online diploma course.

You have two choice

  • Offline Course
  • Online Course

If you choose an offline course, then you need to go to the university and most importantly attend offline classes and exams. only then you’ll have a valid certificate.

But if you choose an online PGDCA course, then you don’t need to go anywhere. You can save time and money too and also can learn the course from the comfort of your home.

PGDCA Certificate Steps

Steps To Take PGDCA Certificate

What you’ll get after completion of the course

  1. Government-approved certificate
  2. Nationally and Internationally accepted
  3. Lifetime access

Why do you need this PGDCA Certification?

  • It’s government certified and you can use it for govt jobs and for further study.
  • You can also share your PGDCA Certificate on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to get a better job.
  • It’s helpful for both government and private jobs.

How To Buy PGDCA Course?

So, you are ready to buy a course, well let me tell you how to buy a course and also a step by step guide to buying it.

  1. Create an account
  2. Search “PGDCA Course” in the search bar.
  3. Click on “Buy Now”
  4. Under Step 2: Click “Continue”
  5. Under Step 3: Payment method and then click “Continue”
  6. Step 4: Click “Pay Now”

If you have any difficulty while buying a course, you can watch a video

How To Download PGDCA Certificate?

It’s a very common question that users ask, but let me tell you in a very simple way. As you buy a course and finish an online exam with qualified marks, at least 50%. You are able to download your PGDCA Certificate from the account.

Let’s see a video with an example that shows you how to download a certificate

In conclusion, You can get PGDCA Certificate from Acme Collins School and become a job-ready person that will help you not in the private sector but also in the government sector.

So, buy the course today and get a skill-based certification.