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Advance SQL simply refers to the field of data analytics. If you want to be data analytics then take up this online program.  There is a lot of demand for data scientists and analysts who have sound knowledge of advanced SQL. This course is designed to help you to make you understand how to perform crucial data tasks including finding, exploration, and extraction. 

Why learn Advance SQL for Data Analytics?

  • You will know the essential commands.
  • You will get an expert in using commands in SQL.
  • You will be able to write proficient commands.
  • We will let you know about subqueries and other essentials.
  • And also how to solve complex data tasks
  • better understanding with the case study examples
  • You will master the mathematical term and date-time functions.

This is an utterly online program by Acme Collins School So you just need your smartphone or Pc with an internet connection to get this course. Learning SQL is not that much tough that you think of. Our experts are here to tell you each essential term deeply, so you will learn this programming language easily with your honest efforts.  this course will help you to apply for a better job position with a good package.

You should take this course if you want to divert your career path to data analytics. the professionals who are new in the field of data science. If a beginner or learner wants to get the know-how of advanced SQL then can take this course. This is a certification course so you will be able to grab a certificate to show authenticity as well.


Maximum Duration 1 Year
Module 1 Introduction Installation and getting started Case Study: Demo
Module 2 Fundamental SQL statements Restore and Back-up Selection commands: Filtering
Module 3 Selection commands: Ordering Alias Aggregate Commands
Module 4 Group by Commands Conditional Statement JOINS
Module 5 Subqueries Views and Indexes String Functions
Module 6 Mathematical Functions Date-Time Functions PATTERN (STRING) MATCHING Data Type conversion functions
Module 7 User Access Control Functions Bonus Section: Nail that Interview! Performance tuning tips Bonus Section: Database Basics
Type Certificate


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