What you'll get

  • Govt. Verified Certification
  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • Lifetime Access To E-learning


Why Should I Take This Certification?

It is a basic course in the architecture of the database system, This course will help you to brush up your basic skills in order to learn the advanced courses in the architecture field, meanwhile, if you do not wish to study advanced course in the architecture field then still you have the option to have better career opportunity from this certification.

Benefits of This Certification?

After you complete this certification, you will be provided placement from Acme Collins School and also you will be informed of the same.

Note:- Everything will be depended on the student interview, As he or she passed the interview successfully, will be provided a job.

There are many companies hiring students who have knowledge of the "architecture of the database system".


Maximum Duration 2 Months
Module 1 Database Architecture, Three Levels of Database Architecture
Module 2 Mappings
Module 3 Role of Database Administrator (DBA) - Database Administrator (DBA)
Module 4 Introduction to E-R Model
Module 5 Three Approaches of DBMS, Network Data Model, Relational Data Model
Type Certificate


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