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The degree course, BA in Economics course is designed in such a way that you will understand, and enhance your skills in economics. We have covered all the essential, and wide range of topics that are taught in top-class universities. This is an online Bachelor of Arts in Economics program by Acme Collins School. Pursuing BA is a trend in Australia due to its diverse opportunities. After completing Ba in Economics, you will have several career opportunities from the government to the private sector, or you can go for higher studies.

How can pursuing BA in economics help you in building your future career?

In this course, you will acquire several essential skills and conceptual knowledge like inflation, employment vs unemployment, national debt, tax, international trade, consumer behavior, microeconomics vs macroeconomics, and many other concepts with comprehensive & detailed tutorials.

It will help you to build transferable skills that are essential for your career and a BA degree course can provide. These transferable skills simply represent skills of students like reasoning, problem-solving, teamwork, growth mindset, oral and verbal communication skills.

After finishing, BA in an economics degree course, you can get a job in the government or private organizations. Where you can work as a clerk, human resource specialist, sales analytic, investment administrator, or any other office.

Also, you can go for further higher studies, for example, MA, MBA, diploma courses, etc.


Maximum Duration 3 Years
Type Degree


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