Benefits of Certification

  • Government Certification
  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • Lifelong E-Learning Access


Bachelor of Arts English is an undergraduate degree course focusing on English ad humanities. BA English is an online specialization that is designed to provide quality knowledge of English literature, and other core concepts. This program offers you in-depth information on English grammar, critical thinking, communication skills, and more.

In this course, you will be empowered by providing high-quality knowledge of essential English concepts. Also, you will be understanding cultural, political, economic backgrounds in the literature session. This is a complete online course where you're free to take sessions at your own time. The examination process is also held online.

What are the career options after a bachelor of arts in English?

Bachelor of arts is a degree course that can be pursued in a different specialization. And after this specialization, you get many impressive career opportunities. Such as you can be a creative content writer, content writer, social media marketer, event manager, translator or can be other professional. Also, these students may go for further studies like MA, Ph.D. in this field. If you want to prepare for government job examinations then you can go for that too.

What would be my proposed salary if I finish this undergraduate course?

The range of salary vary from your experience to nature of organisation where you work.

If you are a fresher then a private sector can pay  you up to 25,000, and in the public or government organization you salary may starts from 25,000. But everything depend upon you and your dedication towards your work. After some experience you may get up to 60,000 per month. 


Maximum Duration 3 Years
Type Degree


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