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Bachelor of Arts or B.A. in Political Science is a 3-year undergraduate program. Under this course, you will acquire knowledge of both the national and international political systems under this course. During the course, you will learn different aspects of the political system and how they work. Learning the difference between the historical, political system and the modern political system is also a part of this course.

During the course, students learn new things related to politics, such as analyzing the political system, public affairs, international relations, public administration, and government policies.

Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

If you are a graduate of political science, you can look up to the following opportunities

Political Commentator

A political commentator or a Pundit is a person who offers his opinion on a certain topic to mass media. The most common topics are sports, technology, political sciences, and social science. The topic is chosen based upon the qualification of the Pundit or his/ her area of expertise. Thus with a Bachelor of Arts in Political, you can become a Pundit in the field of political science. And share your opinion on different subjects related to it to the mass media.

Policy Analyst

Government agencies and big companies hire political analysts for helping and assisting them in the formulation of new policies. And to get feedback on the old ones and change them. A political analyst analyses the current policies of the organization that he/she is working for. And then collects the required data to suggest the changes and make modifications wherever required.

Legislative Analyst

Legislative Analyst work is to analyze and then review any new legislation made. And to check how they are going to affect the employees of their organization. Many big companies hire legislative analysts as everyone is keen to understand the legislature with the eyes of an expert.

Legislative Coordinator

Legislative Coordinators indulge themselves in responsible professional work. And the work is to set up coordination between the federal and states legislative affairs. The programs that they coordinate are agencies' programs and thus they work closely with the agency manager. Major responsibilities of a legislative coordinator include legislative research, preparation, and then training.

Corporate Advisor

A corporate advisor is involved in company mergers, where two or more companies join to become one entity. Thus they help with company acquisitions and changes related to ownership. As a corporate advisor, your job will include dealing with lawyers, finance providers, researchers, and other key professionals.

Public Opinion Researcher

A public opinion researcher or a public opinion analyst helps measure public reactions to a specific cause. They analyze people's reactions to a certain policy or legislature and then sum down their opportunities and share them with mass media. Most often they are hired by the government to analyze the effects its policies are creating on the general public. And how they are feeling about them.
Big companies also hire them to keep a check on the impact that their policies make upon their employees. As no employer wants to have a negative one, they also ask them for advice to turn around any negative feeling that occurred because of policy changes.

Campaign Organizer

A campaign manager or a campaign organizer is a paid executive whose job is to curate different political campaigns. He/ She has the responsibility of events like fundraisers, advertising, getting out people to vote, and polling.
As a campaign manager, all you have to do is to build a strategy for a political party considering the public opinion and legislature together. So, that the political party can get the most out of the event. And the results can actually turn into votes for them.

International Research Specialist

International Research Specialists are government employees working to analyze international trends. Their job starts with analyzing the data, then interpreting the data that they have collected from various sources and find identity patterns in the same. This helps them identify the constant and new trends in international crimes and potential security issues.
And then this data is used for research. So that they can find the weak points of the ongoing government out. And then help the different government and international agencies by providing them suggestions to fix those issues.

Expected Annual Salary

If you have done a B.A. in Political Science from a recognized university and have an excellent knowledge of your field, then you can expect a starting salary between 1,20,000 to 3,60,000 rupees. Your salary will grow with your experience in the field and the career path you will choose for yourself.

Top Hiring Agencies

Federal, State, or local government
Business Organizations
Law organizations
Non-Profit Agencies
Teaching and Research associations

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