Bachelor of science biology or B.Sc in biology is an online undergraduate course. BSc in biology degree program helps students to learn and establish an understanding of biology concepts that are essential to know as a BSc degree holder. This bachelor of science program includes many branches of biology such as environmental studies, the principle of scientific rules, genetics, and more. Also, throughout the course, you will learn about the organism, biological system, and study of life with its functions.

Why should you take this degree program?

  • Our BSc in biology program is affordable,
  • We have kept students friendly dashboard,
  • An in-depth knowledge will be provided,
  • Tutorials carry short modules,
  • You can take your session at your own preferable time.

What are the career options available after BSc in biology?

The students of BSc in biology have a wide range of career options. You can either go for higher studies or can do a job. You may work in pharma companies, schools, research centers, government organizations, and more.  In these organizations, you have several job profiles like a biological scientist, professor, teacher, instructor, or more. 

After the bachelor's in science degree, a candidate may earn up to 3,00,000 to 8,00,000rs per annum, it may be higher for experienced professionals.