Bachelor in Fashion Designing or B.Sc. in Fashion Designing is an online undergraduate program to teach the essentials of Fashion Design. This is a completely online with high-quality and engaging online tutorials. This specialized field carries information regarding fashion design like Clothing, accessories, and jewelry design. Basically, this course contains detailed information about design and its deep understanding. If you are passionate about creating new designs for items of clothing, pieces of jewelry, and more, then this course is for you. You will become a pro in using fashion design software like PatternSmith, CorelDraw, and Digital Fashion Pro.

In this program, you will be mastering creating original and unique designs of garments, footwear, jewelry, and more. You will also learn about the market trends and how trend changes in the fashion industry. After this fashion design course, you will start creating saleable designs for clothing, footwear, or any other industry.

After this degree, you can work as a fashion coordinator, apparel production manager, quality control office, consultant, freelancer, or other professional related to this field. There are companies like Future Enterprises Ltd, NSL Fashion Pvt Ltd, Genesis Luxury Fashion Pvt Ltd, Kare International Pvt Ltd, etc. B.Sc. in Fashion Design graduates are generally paid between 20,000 to 25,000 per month as a fresher but it may be higher than 2,00,000 per month if you gain experience.